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Stop Wasting Time on Transcription and Editing

Fiverr Team
May 26, 2017

Professional writers know that, ultimately, they are judged on the strength of their published writing. But what readers don't see is all the time-consuming labor invested in reaching final draft, including transcribing, editing, re-editing, and proofreading.By enlisting the services of professional transcribers, editors, and proofreaders on Fiverr, you can free yourself to spend time on the weightier and more impactful aspects of writing. Here's how specialized Fiverr entrepreneurs can help you save you precious hours

:Spare transcription time.You've taken the time to record your probing and carefully constructed interview with someone. Then you realize your interview runs an hour or more, and you can't quite remember exactly where your prime quotes are, so you need to transcribe the whole thing. But the effort of transcribing can be daunting – not to mention the cringeworthy element of listening to your own voice as you play and rewind sections multiple times to get the exact wording right. By allowing a transcription professional to handle the task, you'll have a finished document in which you can search for the exact quotes you need.

Obtain an objective critique.You have a draft, but what about the structure of how all your thoughts and ideas are fitting together? Getting assistance on the overall progression of your piece can help you identify and remove unnecessary portions, as well as ensure you open and conclude in the most dynamic way possible. You can also see if certain sections or big-picture ideas need a touch-up or expansion. Editors are available for these higher-order concerns, allowing you to re-shuffle paragraphs and bolster major points, ensuring you won't stray from your main purpose or deviate unnecessarily.

Catch those annoying typos.You've wrestled your thoughts into a roughly readable shape. But the reality is that, beyond spell check, you still need an objective set of eyes to point out embarrassing grammatical errors. Even if you have a friend or colleague who is willing to read through your work for free, they're not always available to help and can't operate on as quick or efficient of a timeline as you may need. Outsource to a skilled proofreader for a polished draft free from all the small errors you overlooked. Plus, you can dedicate the time you would've spent hunting for typos to strengthening the more important ideas of your piece.

How do you think writers and media professionals could save time using online editors and transcribers? Start looking on Fiverr to find out.

Fiverr Team
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