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Top Tips for Scaling Your Freelance Business

Matt Jensen
May 23, 2017

Freelance business owners often get caught up in the day-to-day grind of running a business, leaving them little time to devote to things like finding new clients, broadening networks, and improving products and services. But scaling up is crucial to the survival and wellbeing of any freelance business. The following tips will help give your freelance business the healthy boost it deserves:

Brand your business

You might think you've taken care of branding once you've chosen a logo and created a website with compelling graphics and a great landing page. But branding goes beyond the visual: it extends to the tone you take in your emails, social media posts, and speaking engagements. Take time to define your brand across all mediums.

Network with a purpose

Connect with other freelance business owners by joining relevant social media groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, and on industry-specific platforms as well. Think about how collaborating with other freelancers, such as marketing strategists or video experts could benefit your business.

Outsource your work

You may be perfectly capable of updating all of your social media channels, tracking your website's analytics, and writing another blog post. But it's likely you're spending too much time on these tasks, and thus detracting from time you could spend working on, and not for, your business. So get a Fiverr expert to help you out and use your newfound free time to scale your business.

Have a product to sell

This may sound nonsensical to freelance business owners, but it bears repeating: don't get stuck with a solely service-based business. Developing a product, be it physical or digital, will allow you to sell it an infinite number of times, whereas service-based businesses can only provide a finite amount of services to their clients. Selling products will significantly boost your revenue.

Develop recurring revenue

Once you've developed a product, think about how you can bundle your products into a service your clients can subscribe to on a recurring basis. If you sell digital products, you might, for example, offer an SEO or a WordPress package. Offering bundled packages will also help simplify your business and allow you to take on more clients.

Invest in your personal growth

Freelance business owners are jacks-of-all-trades. To be successful, you need to stay on top of new trends, master new tools, and keep up with any industry developments. While this may seem daunting, it's through developing new skills that you're most likely to get the great ideas that will help you plan for your future and scale your business. It's time to make a commitment to scale your freelance work. If you're ready to take your business to the next level, register for the upcoming Payoneer/Fiverr webinar that will give you access to professionals with more top tips for scaling your freelance business.

What are your tips for scaling your freelance business? What about the number-one mistake people should avoid? Tell us in the comments below!

Matt Jensen
Growing and engaging communities for 10 years, I engage Fiverr's digital communities. Helping both sellers and buyers colaborate and share ideas with each other.
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