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The Tips to Getting Featured on Fiverr

Dana Mick
November 17, 2016
get featured||Featured Gigs on Fiverr

The foundation of Fiverr is our incredible community of quality talent and expertise. While many of our sellers deserve a front page listing, we’re unfortunately not able to feature everyone. However, we do hope we'll be able to feature you! Here are a few best practices to focus on for the chance to “Featured” on Fiverr!

What does “Featured” mean?

Featured Gigs that meet certain quality standards are given a "Featured" badge by the Editorial Team, and it brings more exposure, traffic, and credibility to your Gig.

Featured Gigs on Fiverr

Keep in mind that the “Featured” status is temporary. Gigs are displayed randomly on a rotation throughout our marketplace and may change or be removed.

What are some steps to take to become “Featured”?

Sellers don't submit requests to become featured. Rather, Fiverr’s Editorial team searches our marketplace to find sellers to feature.

Recommendations to Become FeaturedProvide Great Service: Deliver on time and provide high quality, original work to your buyers. Use Clear Communication: Respond quickly to your buyers and answer any questions they may have in a polite and respectful manner.

Meet Deadlines: Handle orders you receive in a timely manner and avoid cancelling orders. Read our Terms of Service: It’s always a good idea to read our Terms of Service to keep up to date with Fiverr.

We would like to remind you to:

Become Part of the Fiverr Community: It’s a good idea to become active and join our seller forum. It’s run by our community and moderated by our ambassadors (sellers who we handpicked to work with the forum). Here you can find tips & tricks for sellers coming from sellers just like you.

Become Active with our Social Channels:Twitter: Facebook:

Listen to our Podcast: The podcast is hosted by Fiverr Ambassadors. This is a platform to introduce news regarding seller features and tools and to address different seller challenges or insights.

Visit Fiverr’s Blog: On our blog, you can find articles, which can help you become a better seller. In addition, you can read several “feel good” stories featuring Fiverr sellers just like you.

Visit our Fiverr Academy: This is a guide for becoming a successful seller (and soon, buyer) on Fiverr. This contains articles that have tips & tricks for finding success on Fiverr.

Visit our Help Center: This contains "how to" articles, which are step-by-step procedures on how to "technically" do something on Fiverr. For example, "How to Create a Gig". Have any other tips we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Dana Mick
Product Manager in the buyer journey team, working on creating the best experience for buyers to achieve their goals with Fiverr.
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