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Sleigh, Baby, Sleigh: Santa's #FiverrPro Makeover

Abby Forman
December 18, 2018

The legend of Santa Claus isn’t complete without Mrs. Claus, those eight reindeer, and his magical means of transportation. Santa's sleigh—and its ability to stop at every house in the world in a single night—has delighted generations of kids across the globe. It’s a symbol of the holiday season that continues to capture the hearts and imaginations of children year after year.

So while Santa's elves were busily preparing for Christmas Eve this year, some Fiverr Pro sellers were also hard at work modernizing his sleigh using 3-D modeling. Check out some of the work done by our Fiverr Pro sellers below—and unveil some of the secrecy behind this magical tradition.


Fiverr Pro 3-D designer Erickomartz envisioned Santa’s sleigh as a one-piece space-frame that is made using Nano additive manufacturing technology to create a seamless structure. The body of the sleigh is made of graphene, a lightweight yet strong material. The sleigh is powered by an antimatter system, powering a levitation system that provides a smooth and enjoyable ride for a tour around the world.

While Rudolph is navigating the sleigh, Santa and Mrs. Claus are making the best of the sleigh’s latest teleportation technology. Going through the children’s lists when flying over the houses, Santa and Mrs. Claus monitor the presents as they are teleported directly from the gift factory in the North Pole to each child’s Christmas tree.


Fiverr Pro seller Almondesign re-designed and re-imagined Santa’s sleigh as a rocket engine, the result of a partnership between him and Space-X. This redesigned model is aerodynamic, runs on natural methane fuel, and comes equipped with an automated warehousing solution and drone port on the rear end.

When the sleigh lands, the automated system is able to cross-reference the GPS coordinates, naughty or nice database and automatically send a team of drones to pick up and deliver the correct packages -- and by pickup, of course we mean cookies and milk. This allows multiple houses to be served at once, saving both time and [fuel] energy.


Pro seller Artis3d took a more classic approach with their redesign. According to him, this sleigh has two different modes of travel: reindeer mode and turbine mode. While reindeer mode is still available for the “classic feel”, turbine mode is preferable due to speed, sound, and flexibility. This mode is powered by nuclear energy, with a titanium base and aluminum frames for efficiency and durability.

There are useful indicators on the dashboard including an altitude meter, fuel meter, balance meter, reindeer meter (used to measure comfort levels of each reindeer), GPS (Global Positioning for Santa), vehicle stats, and more. Each monitor can be customized to fit Santa and Mrs. Claus’ needs.

No matter which vehicle Santa uses to get to your home this December, we hope that you and yours receive everything you wish for this holiday. Season's greetings and happy new year, doers!

Which sleigh do you think would slay this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!

Abby Forman
Abby Forman is a Senior Public Relations Manager at Fiverr overseeing U.S. and international communications for the company. She focuses on pushing the products, the initiatives and the policies that help to grow Fiverr’s footprint and global community.
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