Meet Fiverr Pro Freelancer: Ian 'Cally' Hollyman

Ian 'Cally' Hollyman
November 3, 2022

Fiverr’s talented new Pro seller offers various Music & Audio services on Fiverr, and he has some great advice to offer new sellers on the platform.

What services do you offer on Fiverr Pro?

I’m offering mixing and mastering, remixing and ghost producing, vocal tuning/mixing, club/festival intro composing and podcast/dialogue audio mixing.

How would you describe your work style and inspiration?

I constantly optimize my workstyle. For me, this process is never ending, whether it means updating templates for a quicker, more efficient workflow, researching new software or improved techniques, and reading about business, communication, and the many aspects of the service industry. As for inspiration, I look to mentors and teachers who are top of their game, and learn from them as often as I can.

What tips do you have for other sellers, offering services in your category?

My best advice would be to see everything you do as an experience, from the moment that first message arrives in your inbox, right up until the delivery is accepted, and beyond if a client comes back with a question. What experience are you giving your client, are you going above and beyond, and basically, are you treating them the way you would want to be treated? And specifically, within the music/audio categories, never stop learning. Although you may be a Pro seller, as technological changes are now more rapid than ever, keeping up to date with the latest software and techniques will help keep you ahead of the pack.

Based on your experience, what are some advantages of using Fiverr Pro?

Joining Fiverr Pro was always a goal of mine from the moment I signed up, so I’ve paid interest in many Fiverr Pro sellers, and always keep an eye on their gigs and services. I’ve also read many Fiverr Pro buyer reviews to understand the Pro experience from the buyers point of view. The biggest advantage I’m seeing is gaining access to Fiverr clients that have bigger projects to work on, and bigger budgets. 



Ian 'Cally' Hollyman
Ian Hollyman, AKA Cally, is a music producer and audio engineer with over 2 decades of experience across many areas of the music industry. Cally performed at events and festivals all over the world, released music on many internationally renowned labels, owned and managed his own labels and music events, and worked in many other areas of the industry throughout his career, incorporating podcast, TV, and film.
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