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Making Your Freelance Services Available Everywhere

Fiverr Team
March 18, 2020

If you've just created an account on Fiverr and developed your gig packages and rates—congrats! You've officially launched yourself into the world of freelancing. However, you can't rely on one avenue of work to bring you success. Nowadays, those who diversify their lead-gen strategies are the ones who create a steady workflow. Yes, having the occasional gig on Fiverr is incredible, but in order to get to a point where jobs are pouring in, you have to make your freelance services available everywhere. Here's how you can do it:

Use Fiverr as a LaunchPad to Generate More Work

Since all great freelance opportunities stem from a foundation of work, your best launchpad is using an account on Fiverr to generate more work.This means creating various gig packages that outline your services and what clients will gain in return. If you're a videographer, make sure to outline what your film packages are, if editing is included, what kind of special effects skills you offer. For social media strategists, can you provide social posts and captions for a reasonable price? Are you well-versed in a variety of social management platforms?It's best to complete your profile with as much information and resources as you can to help your client know what they're getting into. Not to mention, once you have a robust profile put together, you can use your profile links and gigs to market yourself to other clients on different sites.

Get Yourself on LinkedIn ASAP

I can't stress this enough—you need to get yourself on LinkedIn ASAP.There are millions of potential clients using LinkedIn every day to connect with professionals in various industries. For me, freelancing writing is ubiquitous and anyone can find some schmuck to write articles about fitness classes or marketing tips. However, since I've cultivated myself as a professional with documented experience from tons of satisfied clients, I've been able to reach a point where people are finding me on LinkedIn and inquiring about my services, which also means I get to set my own rates.That being said, create a LinkedIn profile and start building out your resume with everything you can. Use your Fiverr account as part of your "experience" and include links to your gig packages and profile. On LinkedIn, spend some time writing free content using their blog submission tool. Engage with the community and others within your desired industry to build connections and inquire about potential leads.LinkedIn even has a service called LinkedIn ProFinder that matches your expertise to clients looking for freelance services. If and when a client does seek you out, them seeing that you're active on various platforms, like Fiverr, is a great way to build trust and persuade them to give you the job.

Build Your Own Website for Freelance Work

Now that you have Fiverr and LinkedIn covered, your next move is to build your own website to generate more freelance work.Think of it this way:You're signing up for freelance talent platforms that take a percentage of all the jobs you book. Now, obviously you wouldn't have gotten those jobs if it weren't for the clout and reputation of the platform itself. However, after you've spent some time building up your own brand and network of clients (and if clients find you outside of the platform to begin with), you don't want to keep directing them to that same platform that will eventually take money out of your own pocket.With your own website for freelance work, you maximize your earnings by cornering the market on initial lead-generation, follow-up, and execution. Speaking from my own experience, I started a company called WrittinBy to connect with clients and direct them to my freelance writing skills outside of specific platforms. So whenever a client finds me on LinkedIn or after reading one of my posts on a popular website, they can contact me directly from a brand that I control, or I can direct them to my own site and resources (like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook) that create an entirely separate network of regular clients.Overall, buying a domain, building a website, and operating it as a sole proprietorship or LLC is pretty simple. With a bit of research, you can successfully run your own business while having multiple streams of income that originate from Fiverr, LinkedIn, your own website, and any other outlets you choose to set up.

Sign Up for an Account on Clearvoice

In 2019, Fiverr became the parent company of another incredible freelance writing platform called Clearvoice. Since I was a college student at UCLA (circa 2017), I have worked with Clearvoice to build a solid community of regular clients, and I've gotten to work closely with the CV team to improve my skills as a writer while learning new skills like content management and strategy. Needless to say, CV made me believe that being successful as a freelancer was possible, so I encourage you to sign up for your own account and get involved!It's quite easy to do, too! Just click here to get started and you'll gain access to a variety of tools to help improve your freelance skills. For instance, CV hooks you up with your own personal domain that you can use as a resume to show off your recently published articles, graphic design work, social post copy, or anything that has a URL or can be uploaded as a PDF or doc. Plus, CV has a high-end pool of clients that are always looking for talented freelancers to work with. You can easily set your desired rates, network with top brands, pitch ideas for articles and projects, and then complete jobs at a pace that works for your lifestyle.Over the years, I've had nothing but great experiences, and now that Fiverr owns CV, I'm excited about what new opportunities are on the horizon—so should you!

Remember, Success Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity

With everything I listed above, you should have no problem getting your freelance life set up in order to cultivate your success.Even if jobs are slow at first, there's nothing stopping you from refining your skills as a creator and putting out content that still holds value. When I was just starting out, I would go on LinkedIn and start writing blog posts about brands I loved. I would make them look and sound super professional and then tag the business in the article once it was published. Suddenly, I had brands reaching out to me to continue writing for them and I would get free gear or a potential job in exchange. It just goes to show you that success happens when preparation meets opportunity. If you can get yourself started with the right resources, the sky's the limit.

Fiverr Team
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