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Interview With Visual Communication Designer

Nicolo Grossi
December 28, 2017
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Fiverr Pro designer Eugenia Digon's background in visual communication and graphic design means that she's skilled in every aspect of design. But where she really shines is by capturing complex concepts in a simple image.

Look at her work and with one glance you can smell the leather and cigarette smoke of Midnight in Paris or the salty air in Honolulu City. And she's not just creative – she's also a gifted businessperson who understands how sellers need to communicate their identity and aesthetic to customers.

I recently interviewed her about her approach to design – and why beauty isn't everything.

A Look into Logo Design & Visual Communication

Nico: First of all, thank you for participating in this interview. For those who don't know you, can you give us a little background about yourself and what you offer on Fiverr?

I'm Eugenia Digon, a graphic and visual communication designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My work is focused mainly on branding, but I also like to venture into other areas such as illustration, typography/lettering, editorial, UI/UX, and so on. I believe that when you're a brand designer, your skills have to include a little bit of everything so you know both when and how to use the right tool.

My work on Fiverr is mostly focused on logo design, which is the "entrance door" to having a brand/identity design (although I don't think having a logo alone is enough, since a brand is built with many complementary elements). This is why I often offer my clients other branding services, so they are more prepared when they launch their brand.

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Nico: Great aesthetics are what companies and brands are often after. In your opinion, is a beautiful logo the perfect logo?

Yes and no. A logo has to be beautiful, but it doesn't have to be just beautiful. It has to be thoughtful, smart, and right for the brand. You can have the most aesthetically beautiful and modern logo, but if it doesn't communicate what your brand is about (spirit, values, industry to name a few) it will end up being the wrong logo.

This is why it is so important to take the time to get to know the brand and the client. When you design a logo, you're not just designing a cool graphic with a modern typography. You're designing the face of the brand, you're designing how the customers will interact with that brand, and you're designing how the brand will present itself to the world.

Nico: Let's get straight to the point – what is the coolest logo you have ever designed, and what are the essential components that make it look great?

Tough question. One I was really happy about when I did it is the one of Honolulu City. I think the components that make it look great (I'm talking about this one and any good logo in general) is that it's self-explanatory. You look at it and at a glance you already know what it is about. You instantly understand the spirit and the soul and what it wants to transmit.

It could be a feeling, an idea, a personality, or whatever, but you don't have to look long to understand it.

Honolulu's city guide logo[/caption]

Nico: Milton Glaser (creator of the I ❤ NY logo) once said, "There are three responses to a piece of design: yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for." What makes a great logo design? How do you effectively analyze a logo?

As I was saying before, I think a great logo has to be simple and self-explanatory. If you take too much time figuring out what the logo is about, to what industry it belongs, what kind of brand it is, then you're just wasting time and therefore it's probably not a good logo. The logo has to speak for the brand when the brand can't speak for itself. It has to be memorable and just right. The perfect logo doesn't exist. But the right logo does.

What I also think makes a logo great is when it gives you a little wink about something. Logos don't have to be literal, but fun. They have to give you a clue so you can play with it and finish the message yourself. This way, you're also an active part of the communication and not just a passive viewer.

Nico: Last, but not least, why should I hire someone to design my logo professionally?

You can't always be there to explain what your brand does, its values, what kind of people you aim to reach, or what you offer. However, the logo can give a glance of all that. Of course, it's not everything, and you'll probably need a full branding system to complete and convey the message, but the logo is the first thing a customer sees when you present your brand.

If it gives the wrong message, your brand will be misunderstood and you will probably lose valuable customers. So that's why you should hire a professional logo designer – someone who takes the time to understand your brand and what you want to communicate, someone who asks questions you thought were not important, and someone who cares and who treats your brand as if it were their own.


On her Fiverr profile, Eugenia says "There's no creativity without effort, and no effort worth doing without passion." Scroll through her portfolio and you'll instantly know that she understands the creative nuances that can help you better connect with your audience. She combines spirit and vision with careful research and attention to detail. And we get to enjoy the results.

What's your favorite "WOW!" logo? Has a professional designer helped you see the humor and simplicity in your own brand? Share your experience in the comments below.

Nicolo Grossi
SEO & content marketing expert with 7+ years experience, working at Fiverr since 2016 Nicolo is responsible to follow and implement SEO’s best practices and inbound marketing strategies in order to increase reach and exposure.
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