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How to Win Big and Crush Your Freelance Business Goals

Fiverr Team
September 5, 2019

Setting business goals for yourself can be a challenge.Proponents of systems like the 90-day year and the 12-week year have long suggested that more frequent goal setting yields maximum achievement. But how do you create and stick to your work objectives? Read on to find out how you can win big crush your freelance business goals:

1. Think Big

Thinking big begins with setting a 20-minute timer and writing down all your dreams for your business—no matter how audacious they might seem.Ask yourself questions like:

  • Why am I in business? 
  • What or who am I doing all this for?
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • How much income do I ultimately want to make?
  • Who are my ideal clients?
  • How many hours per week do I want to work?

It’s critical to refuse to let fears and what-ifs stand in the way because small goals will get you small results. Give yourself permission to dream and think big; the sky is only as high as the ceiling you set.

2. Plan Small

Once your clear on the big goals for your freelance business, break them down into tangible quarterly and monthly action items.At the start of every week, you'll use your monthly goals as a reference to write down "must-dos" for your company that will get the results you crave. This could be as simple as committing to sticking to a regular work routine instead of letting home-life interrupt your work life.On the other hand, you may find that dedicating specific times during the week to find leads and network is exactly what your business needs to bring it to the next level.In any case, remember to stick to choosing a maximum of three goals for the week to avoid getting overwhelmed.

3. Make Progress Toward Your Freelance Business Goals

With your weekly goals in hand, planning out the two to three most important items to do every day is a no-brainer. Yet, this is where most people get tripped up because there are so many things to do and not enough time.How can you avoid endlessly pushing essential tasks to the next day?As Brian Tracy recommends in his internationally bestselling book, “Eat That Frog,” you have to make a conscious effort to do certain tasks first—before chaos gets in the way. To do this, you might wake up an hour earlier, check emails after completing work or shift your schedule around to have more free time in the A.M. While other things like client billing and responding to emails won't necessarily move you toward your big dreams, they can still be relevant to your company's health. What if you're falling behind on those too? Developing excellent time management skills can be the answer.Here are some things to try:

  • Create dedicated chunks of time for various tasks to minimize distractions  
  • Use time-tracking tools like Timely or Toggl to stay accountable
  • Bullet journals are also a helpful time management tool that you can take on-the-go

Ultimately, you're looking to create a robust workflow so that your daily work schedule remains balanced and your business continues to grow and thrive.

Get Ready to Accomplish More Than Ever Before!  

Dreaming big, setting bite-sized goals, and keeping your priorities at the top of the to-do list will lead you to win big and crush your freelance business goals.And when you do, it’s essential to take a breath and celebrate your wins, no matter how small. This practice will give you the daily motivation you need to keep crushing it, and ultimately achieve your wildest dreams.

Fiverr Team
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