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How to Merge Word Documents

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August 12, 2021

Why would you need to merge documents?

There are many reasons one should merge different versions of the same Word document into one concise and updated piece. Business owners and content managers alike will often come across a need to integrate documents for better recordkeeping, source sharing, and catalog-perusing.

Whether you're editing one document across an entire marketing team, need to compile several news pieces as a journalist, or are making final edits on a short story or novel, knowing how to merge Word documents is an invaluable skill. This post will show you exactly how to connect Word documents to combine different versions of the same writing copy.

How to Merge Microsoft Word Documents

Combining multiple Word documents is actually a breeze! Follow these easy steps to seamlessly combine Microsoft Word documents into one accurate and up-to-date file. Whether you're merging documents with a PC or Mac, please keep in mind that the following methods and instructions apply to Microsoft Word 2010 and 2007.

Pro Tip: The text may not stay the same and in the original form when you merge documents. The best way to expedite and ease combining Word documents is to keep up-to-date versions of Microsoft software by downloading the latest update for word processing and other documentation needs.

A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Merge Word Documents

Are you ready to merge multiple Word documents into one cohesive piece? Here is a step-by-step guide to combining all copies of the same material into one Mircosoft Word document.

Step One: Open the Word document.

Find and open the Word document to which you'd like to add text. Typically, you'd want to pick the document from the two that is longer in word length to ease the process of combining both of them. Remember, there will likely be some editing necessary to make the two separate documents flow together as one cohesive file.

Step Two: Select the Insert tab and navigate to the Object dialog box.

Next, select the "Insert" tab in the top left corner—the third from the right for the latest edition of Microsoft Word. If you have an older version of Microsoft, please refer to this link for more accurate instruction. From the Insert Tab, scroll over to the top right of the program to select the "Object" tab indicated by the appropriate icon.

Step Three: Select Text from File from the drop-down menu.

Go to the "Create from File" tab. If you're using a PC, select "Browse" from the "Object" tab, to insert the Text File that you'd like to merge. If you're using Mac, select "From File". Locate and select the file(s) with the content you wish to insert. When the "File" name is field is populated with the proper path and the source files, select "OK" on Windows, or "Insert" on macOS.

Easily Combine Word Documents with these Simple Steps

As software technology becomes increasingly more evolved and intricate, new standards are set for digital documentation, word processing, and virtual file keeping in general. As familiar programs like Microsoft Word become more instinctual and commonplace, written communication and copy in the digital text form becomes easier to use Microsoft Word for everyday tasks across multiple industries. Having a rudimentary skillset with the Microsoft Word program is fundamental, but being an expert is invaluable for numerous contemporary jobs.

Thankfully, word processing has evolved to become so intuitive and user-friendly that combining Word documents is an effortless task. From the friendly, entrepreneurial novice to the moody and mystical computer techie, merging Word documents should start to feel like second nature because really—it's not that hard!

Follow these simple steps to integrate multiple workflows across departments, compile resources for a cohesive journal article on a particular subject into one document, or add poems to a manuscript you're working on.

Whatever you're working on in Microsoft Word, if you need to merge documents, this is the best way to do it. And if you need someone else to take care of tasks like this for you, a Virtual Assistant is only a few clicks away.

Fiverr Team
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