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How To Host Virtual Events With Fiverr Freelancers

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October 25, 2020

Virtual events have become an inevitable part of the “new normal” in the current era of social distancing.Due to the infectious Covid-19 virus, more people are staying at home rather than going to conferences and jam-packed events. Many also prefer webinars and virtual events to ensure their health and safety.Now, how can you host a virtual event in the era of Covid-19? Here are some tips for organizing a successful virtual webinar or live session in the "new normal."

1. Plan The Event

Just like a real event, you need to understand how audiences will interact with your content. A good tip is to send a survey to gauge your audience’s interest in attending your virtual webinar. Otherwise, if the interest is low, then you'll be wasting your time planning and organizing.

Source Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do you have a computer-savvy audience? 
  • Are they interested in participating in an online event?
  • What are the social media platforms that your audience will use?
  • What will be the topic of your virtual event?

Don't forget to plan for the worst-case scenario, such as late speakers or internet connectivity issues. Will you move on to the next speaker if the host is late? How long will you keep the audience waiting if the speaker faces unforeseen circumstances? Get in touch with event organizers to get your questions answered.

2. Define The Format 

Will you be launching a workshop-style video (i.e., Adobe Photoshop tutorial)? Or will it be a webinar featuring insights between guests? Whichever you pick, decide on specific a format.Also, have a personalized background or storyboard for your speakers. Using random backgrounds per speaker can distract from your intended message. You can also polish event-related landing pages for navigability and improved user experience.

Source To get started, hire Fiverr designers to create Zoom backgrounds and compelling landing pages with your brand’s style.

3. Find a Host

Whether you're hosting an online or offline event, acquiring charismatic hosts and speakers should be on the top off your list. The ideal speaker should be able to convey their thoughts clearly and concisely, just like ourFiverr event hosting experts.

Source If you're preparing a live stream, it's essential to plan. Prepare a script that will keep audiences listening until the end. You can also encourage hosts to practice together to ensure chemistry.

4. Market Your Event 

The next step is to promote your event through landing pages, social media, emails, and other content types. Post speaker bios and links to the event page to boost signups. You can also share short video snippets to pique your audience's interest in pre-recorded events.

Source Marketing and planning an event simultaneously may be difficult, so get in touch with professional Fiverr marketers.

5. Launch Your Event

Finally, it's time to launch your live stream or pre-recorded videos.The unique advantage of pre-recorded videos is the ability to edit the videos beforehand and avoid glitches or technical issues. Speakers also have the option to retake the clip if they feel that it needs improvement. No experience with video editing? Our Fiverr video editors will have your back.With a live stream, the event will seem more engaging, but it also requires speakers to practice beforehand. However, you can consider live Q&A's to boost engagement after the session.


6. Post-Event Marketing

Not every interested attendee will be able to make it at a specific time. Plus, it can be challenging for listeners to digest all the knowledge they’ve learned so make videos downloadable.

Source In the long-run, you can keep sharing reels or soundbites from the event to boost downloads and grow your impact.

Hosting Virtual Events Amid Covid-19

Many businesses are hosting online events to engage with their subscribers and consumers. However, it may difficult to organize a successful virtual event, especially if you're doing it for the first time.How to ensure success? Get in touch with Fiverr event organizers, designers, and marketers who have years of experience under their belt.

Fiverr Team
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