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How Donald Paid off His College Debts with Fiverr

Alexandra Rose
January 21, 2016
Donald successful Fiverr Seller

Donald, Donaldjr on Fiverr, is a husband, father of two, and middle school teacher. Living in Orlando, Florida, and saddled with college debt, Donald discovered that Fiverr was the ticket to financial freedom and bringing his voice talent to the world.

I found Fiverr four years ago – or it found me!

I was desperate to produce some extra cash in a non-traditional way. I had an entrepreneurial spirit but had been only minimally successful at network marketing, monetizing a blog, and working part-time jobs. Then Fiverr popped up in an internet search!


My first Gig

I did a deep personal inventory of what came natural to me. I enjoy reading, speaking, and creating. I used to play around on a microphone, doing silly commercials and promos for friends and business partners, but I had never before really focused and committed my time, effort, and heart to serving the world with this talent. I decided that recording voiceovers on Fiverr would give me the vehicle to bring stories and messages to life by speaking into a microphone!I sold my first Gig within four days of posting it. Since then, I’ve used Twitter and video on YouTube to promote my Gigs. My buyers, or family as I like to call them, range from mothers looking to record a birthday message to their children to international online radio stations looking for a “Station ID.”

Where I am now

Today, 80% of my business income comes from Fiverr, and it’s amazing! Over the years, I’ve made close to $28,000 on Fiverr, and because of it, we’ve been able to pay off my college loans and take some great getaways. We are even closing on our first home in December!

How to achieve success?

I believe my effectiveness on Fiverr boils down to three things.

  • Treating each person as if he or she is the most important person in the world
  • Caring about my craft and always trying to get better
  • Keeping a long-term perspective

I’m constantly putting myself in a position to continue growing as Fiverr grows by over-delivering in value, treating clients with respect, and making sure that I’m a contributor to the Fiverr community.

I love being a part of Fiverr!

The community forum is an amazing resource that empowers sellers and buyers, and it keeps getting better with the amount of articles, tips, and stories. It is Fiverr’s dictionary, encyclopedia, and thesaurus all rolled into one!

Fiverr has had a huge impact on my life

My wife and I have become debt-free. I’ve become a better communicator and businessman. And as a middle school teacher, I’ve been able to show my students that school is only a stepping stone and that their ability to be successful depends on their contribution to the world, not just the knowledge in their heads!

Donald Family

If you’d like to share your story about how Fiverr has impacted your life, please send it to us by email at

Alexandra Rose
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