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Great Effects: Updates to VFX & Video Editing Categories

Fiverr Team
January 15, 2019

Hi there, Fiverr community! I’m Yoav, the Video & Animation category manager. Recently, I’ve been looking in particular at the Editing & Post Production subcategory. I see so many beautiful services with such talented sellers behind them. And while these services are impressive and versatile, navigating through them and filtering them down has been a struggle. The world of post-production is so complex that it’s just too hard to put so many unique services under one category, with no distinction between one service to another. So for the past few months, I’ve chatted with many of you and conducted some serious research around how the different services within Editing & Post Production should be structured.I’m thrilled to announce that we are launching an awesome new Visual Effects subcategory, as well as renaming Editing & Post Production to Video Editing. As we’re committed to offering our buyers best-in-class service and quality, each of these subcategories is being launched with both Fiverr Pro and regular Gigs, created by top-notch video freelancers from around the world.

Visual Effects

I like to look at Visual Effects freelancers as magicians. Visual Effects allow you to fix and enhance your video footage to improve upon what you currently have. Have an unwanted object in the frame? We’ve got someone who can remove it.  Have a screen you’d like to replace with an up to date version of your product? The Visual Effects (VFX in short) subcategory is relevant to everyone from businesses who are looking to enhance or update their existing videos, to filmmakers in need of that extra touch for a video project and more.  The freelancers in this subcategory are using best-in-class software such as Mocha, Cinema4d, After Effects, Flame and more.But why write so many words to explain the wonders of the Visual Effects subcategory when we can simply show you? Take a look at what the subcat has to offer in the #MadeOnFiverr video below. Visual Effects subcategory includes six new services:

  1. Rotoscoping & Keying - Services that will help you prepare your footage for some serious VFX, frame-by-frame.
  2. Color Grading - Services that will take your video to the next level, with professional colorists at hand.
  3. Match Moving - Prepare your footage for the next VFX step, with professional motion-tracking services.
  4. Compositing - Combine multiple visual elements and blend them into a stunning piece. Have a screen you’d like to replace? Need to change a background while making it feel natural? This is the subcategory you need
  5. Cleanups - Remove those unwanted visual elements from your footage to perfect your video.
  6. Beauty Retouching - Smooth away any unwanted blemishes with high-end video retouching techniques.

Video Editing

Video Editing is a pretty straightforward service. If you have a pile of footage that you need to edit into one compelling piece or a video you’d like to re-edit into multiple short ads, then Video Editing is the place for you. We’ve also added better filtering options so it’s easier to find the services that you need. You can filter by the type of video you’re looking to edit, such as video ads, travel videos, event videos, family videos, etc.

On top of that, sellers can set their scope of work according to the amount of footage provided by the buyers and the end result they’re looking to receive.Have questions about our new Video Editing services? Ask us in the comments below!

Fiverr Team
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