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Nicolo Grossi
September 27, 2017
Fiverr Pro graphic designer Paolo Vendramini||Hanna Social Manager at Fiverr||paolo vendramini gig on Fiverr||paolo vendramini fiverr gig||paolo vendramini gig

“Graphic eater. Hamburger designer. Not necessarily in that order. "The header of Fiverr Pro artist Paolo Vendramini's website makes it very clear that he's got a unique perspective on the world. Scroll down "for BOOOOM" he promises.... and it's easy to see how the artist can do creative wonders for lots of different businesses. He's come a long way from student sketches to become an in-demand professional asked Paolo what should customers do before hiring a freelance logo designer, as well as what type of information they should provide in order to make sure they get what they want

Hanna Social Manager at Fiverr

Hannah Curran – Social Media & Content Manager at Fiverr

“A good designer can be one of the most important contributors to your success, and your graphical presence is what you’ll be judged on before anyone knows anything about you or your company”

How To Make Your Design Project A Success

Nico: First of all, thank you for participating in this interview. For those who don't know you, can you give us a little background about yourself and what you offer on Fiverr?

Thank you for the opportunity. I've always been passionate about drawing, ever since I was very young. I remember that my history notebooks were full of portraits made by looking at the photos of the great kings in the books. All the titles were small calligraphy works made by my inexperienced hands.

After high school, I decided to follow this passion and I joined the IED in Milan, attending the Art Direction course. I chose advertising because I think it's the subject where design and psychology are best combined.

After graduating from university, I started working at some agencies in Milan where I could refine my style, and there I came to understand what I like the most: branding, creating something new, and giving a face to a product or service. It hits the eyes and minds of people who are standing in front of something that inspired them – something they didn't know about but that suddenly becomes a need. For about a year and a half, I've been in London where I work as a freelancer. On Fiverr, my offerings are mainly related to the world of branding: logos, stationery, and posters.

paolo vendramini gig
paolo vendramini fiverr gig
paolo vendramini gig on Fiverr

Nico: Nothing is more vital to the process of good design than clear communication. What sort of work or research should the client do before they even start looking for a designer?

A big problem for designers – something that is also often the cause of unsuccessful work – is the poor clarity that customers have about their own product. Before contacting a designer, it's extremely important to have a clear idea of what you want to sell and, above all, who you want to sell it to. It's the idea (and the design as a consequence) that has to adapt to the public, not the other way around. Once you have clearly set the target, it's much easier to find the right idea, then tell it in the right way and with the right style. Because this is what we always do: We tell stories.

Nico: What type of info do you need to get from the client in order to fully understand their final vision?

It goes back to the answer I gave before. A client who knows exactly what they sell will be able to tell the designer, and in turn the designer will be able to do the best possible job. Not everyone is able to clearly express what they have in their mind, so I usually ask for some references to understand what is going on in the client's head. References don't necessarily have to be competitors, but whatever the customer likes and inspires them.

With all this data in my head, it will be relatively easy to explain to the client what, in my opinion, is better for their business. Afterwards, I can proceed with the design of the various proposals.

Nico: Having worked for iconic brands such as Coca-Cola, Disney, Virgin, Ferrero, and many more, has your approach to design changed over the experiences, and if so, how and why?

Working with big brands always provides great satisfaction. It makes you understand that you are working well and that you're going in the right direction. However, the jobs done for an important brand aren't always the most beautiful or inspiring. Behind a big brand there are a lot of rules to be respected and this, at times, can be a brake on creativity.

Often, being able to create from nothing, or work for a small brand, allows much more freedom of expression. You can create your own rules and sometimes decide not to respect them. Even designers occasionally enjoy taking poetic license.


If you don't have a specific idea or vision for your design, that's okay. Paolo's waiting to help you and give your business his special touch: "the BOOOOM." It's a powerful lesson to hear his thoughts on how designers and clients need to communicate clearly with each other so that they can tell a bigger story to the market.

Once a designer understands your mission, he or she can use talent and training to decide if the art should be serene, powerful, silly, or a combination. Paolo's brought his experienced, creative mind and talents to small businesses through Fiverr Pro. It's exciting to know that someone with such experience and vision wants to work for the smaller brands that can give him the freedom he craves.

Entrepreneurs, how do you like to inspire your artists? Artists, what do you wish entrepreneurs would communicate better about their needs? Share with us in the comments below.

Nicolo Grossi
SEO & content marketing expert with 7+ years experience, working at Fiverr since 2016 Nicolo is responsible to follow and implement SEO’s best practices and inbound marketing strategies in order to increase reach and exposure.
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