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Good Vibes: The Best Kinds of Music to Work to

Fiverr Team
October 5, 2020

Since I work from home full-time, I always need a little bit of music to set the mood for my writing sessions.And I like all kinds music: folk, hip-hop, jazz, country. However, not all music fits the mood I'm trying to set for myself. When I really need to buckle down and get work done, I can't just listen to anything that some streaming platform chooses—I need specific tunes that blend with my mindset. I need music that elevates my attention to a realm of complete focus. Needless to say, I need good vibes that transforms my workflow into something second-nature. If you're like me and need something to listen to while you work, then here are the best kinds of music to choose from (in my opinion):

Low-Fi Beats

This is a genre that my best friend, Josh Wordel (another full-time remote worker), turned me onto.Think of it like hip-hop without all the crazy lyrics that seem to infiltrate today's mainstream. These are fresh, chill, relaxing instrumental beats that keep your head bopping, while also helping you stay focused on the task at hand. The problem with listening to music with lyrics is that you may have a tendency to start listening for the words, which over time, starts to distract you from meeting your deadline for the day. But with low-fi beats, the chords and bass help you find your groove at the desk. I'll throw on a playlist and before I know it, hours have passed by.Here are some links to low-fi beat playlists that you can start to follow and try out for yourself:BubblegumLO-FI BEATSCoffe Lofi

Classical Instrumental

Sort of in the same realm as low-fi beats, classical instrumental music is another favorite of mine because it presents a mellow, calm experience that helps you relax while you work.Especially if I'm working on something intense that requires a lot of brainpower, that last thing I want is something heart-pounding playing in the background. At night, when I'm racing toward a deadline, I'll set up a soft yellow light in the corner of my office, I'll tell Google to put on my Study Instrumental playlist, and I'll let the trill of the piano guide my thinking to the end of the project. Your external surroundings play a huge role in how you think internally, and soft, comforting classical music can elevate your thoughts to a tranquil state—at least that's how I feel when I'm burning the midnight oil.To help get you started, here are some soothing classical playlists to try out:Instrumental StudyClassical InstrumentalClassical Study Music

Rain Sounds

Lastly, if melodies aren't helping my stay focused, I always love to switch gears and play nothing but rain sounds to recreate a cozy, rainy day at the keyboard.More often than not, having a creative workspace is all about the mood you set up for yourself. For painters, I imagine, they put on something groovy with lots of natural light spilling in the room. For a coder or gamer, they throw on some punk rock with their headphones canceling out the rest of the noise. And for me, a writer, I love a gray morning with the fog and ocean breeze pouring through the window. In Los Angeles, it doesn't always rain, but I simply recreate it with a nature sounds playlist, and instantly, I feel like I'm holed-up inside with a warm sweater and a hot cup of coffee. Once again, I forget that time exists and the words flow out effortlessly.If you want to give nature sounds a try, here are some awesome playlists to check out:Rain Clappering OutsideSoft Rain SleepRain Sound & Nature Sounds

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