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Get Seen: How to Be a Successful Seller Part 2

Adam Aviv
May 20, 2014
Fiverr gig on homepage

Part 2 of “Guide to be a successful seller on Fiverr®“ written by seller Nloper. An entrepreneur and Level 2 Seller whose Gig® appeared on the Fiverr homepage. The following is adapted from this blog post.According to Alexa, Fiverr is the 64th most popular site in the U.S. and the 131st most popular site globally, so having your Gig® appear on the Fiverr homepage is great exposure. Here are my direct observations and opinions about what it takes to get there.

1. A unique offering with a broad appeal

On the homepage, Fiverr showcases the breadth of services people can find.This is a visitor’s first impression, so Fiverr displays a wide variety of Gigs which appeal to mass segments of visitors.

2. Something that people might be surprised to get for $5

A high-value Gig is a must and it will help you accomplish 3-5.

3. A high-converting Gig

Fiverr tracks a rolling 30-day conversion rate of each Gig — meaning the percentage of people who view an offering and then end up purchasing it. Sellers with high-converting Gigs have the potential to make more money with Gigs that have a proven track record of converting browsers into buyers.

4. A higher average order value

A higher average order value makes a Gig more likely to land on the homepage. Sellers who offer Gig Extras can significantly boost their earnings and grow their businesses faster.

5. Excellent feedback

A history of excellent feedback is essential. You need to be as close to 100% positive feedback as you can, and have a high percentage of buyers leave positive feedback. The number of reviews doesn’t have to be huge. I had between 60 and 70 positive ratings when I was featured on the homepage.

Important to Note: Your seller “Level”

It’s rare for anyone below Level 2 to be featured on the homepage. Level 2 means you’ve had 50 orders over a 60-day period. You can learn more about Fiverr levels here. If you have any other tips for creating a successful Gig, please share them in the comments below.

Adam Aviv
Product Manager in the Seller Experience Team and Payments Team. Working at Fiverr since 2014, Adam leads production groups that build and improve Fiverr, to make selling and buying easy and enjoyable.
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