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Fiverr Team
October 19, 2020

Working with FreelancersThe freelancer revolution is upon us. Millions of Americans and more across the globe have joined the freelance workforce in recent years.To be precise, there are more than 57 million freelancers working in the U.S. today. Their aggregate income is nearly a $1 trillion, the equivalent of about 5 percent of the U.S. GDP. There is no denying that the freelance market is an economic powerhouse. Freelancers are attracted to the freedom and flexibility that the freelance lifestyle affords them. Whether they are earning a living full-time or supplementing their wages with extra assignments, freelancers have become a vital resource for companies big and small.One of the biggest advantages of working with freelancers is the extraordinary depth of the talent pool. It is no secret that the most skilled individuals often go to work for themselves, so it should be no surprise to find the best of the best among the legions of freelance workers. The expansive growth of freelancers, however, has created a dilemma for clients. With so many skilled professionals to choose from, it is hard to know where to begin.So, how exactly do you go about finding the perfect freelancer for your business among the throngs of pixel pushers, wordsmiths, and code ninjas that make up the freelance labor market? We're so glad you asked!With the launch of Fiverr Business, we've made it easier to find the right freelancer for every job. Fiverr Business provides its users with a Success Manager whose very job is to understand your company's needs and wants, and identify freelancers in our network that are best suited to the task. No one knows our freelancers better than we do, so you can be sure to narrow the field to the very best candidates.###Growing Your BusinessGrowing your business in today's world can feel like a monumental challenge. In some ways it is. But tough times are also often the best time to grow your business. Difficult phases force us to take a look at our businesses with fresh eyes and try new things. It is a time to reevaluate what is working well, and areas that need improvement. For those looking to take this moment in time as an opportunity to grow your business, here are some tried-and-true practices and strategies that can drastically increase your chances for success. These are the most essential actions you can right now:

Know your customers inside out. Understanding the needs and wants of your clientele is critical to success. Invite feedback at every opportunity and consider it carefully.

Build a powerful sales funnel. A sales funnel is essentially a marketing strategy that involves drawing in a large number of potential customers and converting them overtime using content, social media, and targeted messages.

Form smart partnerships. Could your customers benefit from the services of another company that you don't directly compete with? A lead sharing partnership with that company could be mutually beneficial. There are many ways that companies can work together to advance their respective interests, so always be on the lookout!

Assemble an effective team. It is incredibly hard to do everything you need to do to in order to successfully grow your business alone. There are only so many hours in a day. At some point you'll need to put together a solid team you can trust to carry out your mission.Of course, all of these things require hard work and dedication. Growing businesses don't always have all the resources they need to put all of these tactics into action over night. And that's okay. Build your business one step at a time. One way to help move things along more quickly is with freelance help. Freelancers are a cost effective way to accomplish tasks that can help you grow your business faster. To find out more about how freelancers can assist you with meeting your business goals, check out Fiverr Business—a new platform made just for entrepreneurs like you.

Fiverr Team
Whether you’re scaling up your small business or building a brand from scratch, we’ve got the resources you need to keep you informed and at the top of your game.
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