Fiverr Announces Winner of Kaggle Competition

Aidan Dugan
November 7, 2022

A big congratulations to all those who participated in Fiverr's first ever Kaggle competition! We're so thrilled that so many participants, and were really happy to see everyone sharing code, asking questions, giving advice, and exemplifying the great qualities of both the Fiverr and the Kaggle community.

In this competition we asked participants to look at the steps a new user takes on Fiverr before and during registration, and predict which of them will become spammers. There were many different strategies taken - and it was really exciting for us to see how everyone approached the data.

At the end there was a bit of a shake-up with the top performing teams on the leaderboard, as the scoring was split 40/60 between the public and private leaderboards.

Final standings according to the private leaderboard were as follows:

1st - chumajin 🎉

Chumajin is a Kaggle Competition Master and Notebook Grandmaster, and has participated in many competitions on the platform. 

2nd - demery1993 🎉

Dan is a Senior Data Scientist at Coupa with 5 years of data science experience. I specialize in demand forecasting, predictive modeling, optimization, automation and deep learning. He is a Kaggle Competitions Expert. 

3rd - faisal_alsrheed  🎉

Faisal has a PhD in artificial intelligence. He is one of the leading global experts in Artificial Intelligence. He’s spent much of his career connecting with a variety of businesses across several industries to provide world-class AI expertise and consulting services. You can see him highlighted here in the Washington Post. He is a Kaggle Competitions and Notebooks Expert. 

Congratulations to them! This is a huge accomplishment! There was fierce competition into the final hours of the contest. In the end there were 176 teams, 184 unique competitors, and a massive 2,159 submission entries. Thank you all for your hard work and enthusiasm throughout the competition.

The prizes of the competition are meant to help the winner launch or accelerate their career as a data scientist on Fiverr. All top three finalists are new to the Fiverr platform, and we wish them luck on their journey! The prizes are:

• $1000 in Fiverr Credit

• A fast-tracked application to Fiverr Pro

• 6 months paid subscription to Fiverr's Seller Plus Program

Throughout this competition, we wanted to work towards increasing awareness of Data Science services on Fiverr. The online marketplace gives freelancers (including data scientists) the chance to be exposed to businesses and individuals around the world who need help with data science projects. We have a growing community of experts in computer vision, machine learning, text analysis and natural language processing, and many other exciting fields. 

We're already working on our next Kaggle competition, so I hope to see you all climbing the leaderboard again soon!


Data & Business Verticals Manager at Fiverr

Aidan Dugan
Data & Business Verticals Manager at Fiverr. Coming from the FinTech space, Aidan brings a data-driven approach to developing and leading the overall strategy of the Data & Business verticals, and driving innovation and execution across the organization. Under his responsibility is the catalog and services found in the Data and Business Verticals - services ranging from creating Data Science models to Financial Consulting to preparing Business Plans.
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