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Every Freelancer's Website Needs These 6 Crucial Elements

Fiverr Team
January 11, 2018

Today's freelancers often have no in-person contact with clients. Thanks to modern technology, someone can hire a worker who lives on the other side of the world and communicate with them by phone, email, or chat. As a result, professionals often turn to a freelancer's website to learn more about the person they're considering putting on contract.For you as a freelancer, your website serves an important purpose. In addition to giving potential clients the information they need to make a hiring decision, it can convey quite a bit about your personality. After browsing your site, a hirer should know more about your creativity, as well as the way you approach your project. Keep that in mind as you build your website and make sure each of the following elements showcase the very things that make you unique.

1. SEO-friendly content

The content on your site provides search algorithms with the information they need to rank you in search results. But it's important not to pack your pages with too much text. Instead, optimize each page for search engine placement by using a reasonable amount of text, and regularly add content through your site's blog. This will help you work in crucial keywords over time, as well as showcase aspects of your personality you can't squeeze into the content on your other pages.

2. Contact information

The best website is useless if potential clients don't have a way to get in touch with you. Instead of hiding this information, make it easy to find, whether someone is visiting specifically to find your email address or they've looked through your services and are ready to get started. Start by including the information at the bottom of each page, either directly or as a link to your Contact Me page. Your landing page should also prominently feature a link to contact you for those who are ready to get started.

3. Services offered

Visitors are also likely searching for information on the services you offer. You should have this menu ready and ensure it's easy to find in order to prevent customers leaving your site in frustration. Show the results your services have delivered on an ongoing basis by telling that story in your blog. Make sure you regularly revisit your list of services as your freelance business grows to avoid your rundown of offerings becoming outdated.

4. Price ranges

How you display pricing on your site can be one of the tougher questions a freelancer may face. Many freelancers choose a more secretive approach to pricing, preferring to leave things open to negotiation once communication has been established. You may give yourself an edge over the competition by posting prices where anyone visiting can see them. If you aren't comfortable setting a specific price, offer a range for the different types of services you offer and mention that you are open to negotiation. As you continue to raise your rates over the years, make sure you update the information on your website to reflect the changes.

5. Images

Service-based businesses of all types can easily forget the importance of images, since they aren't selling products as an ecommerce site would. However, website visitors tend to react more favorably to sites with images, so it's important to work them in. Visuals can also be used to bring more of your personality into the mix. Invest in professional-quality images, especially for the pages that will get the most traffic. Make sure your Bio page includes a headshot of you, since many clients will want to see the person they'll be working with before making a decision.

6. Social links

Social media is an important part of marketing a business today, and your freelance business is no different. Your social media links should ideally be included at the bottom of each page, along with your contact information. After all, the site is about you. At the very least, make sure it's part of your contact page, as well as the section where you mention your services and pricing. In addition to being able to easily find and follow you, potential clients can also learn more about you via your social links to further determine if you're the right fit for their needs.Whether you try to build your own website or you hire a talented web designer, it's important to know the specialized information you'll need to get more clients. Those planning to hire a freelancer want answers to specific questions, so it's important to make sure you provide the information they need.What have you done to get better results from your professional website? Tell us in the comments below!

Fiverr Team
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