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Build Apps Without Code and Grow Your Career

Sonia Rebecca Menezes
June 8, 2022
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Wondering how no-code tools can help you grow as a freelancer? No-code tools are already disrupting software development the same way Fiverr has changed the gig economy, and Shopify has powered eCommerce building.

No-code tools let you create software like mobile apps, websites, and more using visual methods like drag and drop builders. These tools have empowered the developer community to build and ship products faster than ever before – the good news is that anyone, regardless of their training or ability to code, can build software using no-code!

The no-code economy boom has come at a time when the world economy is recovering from one of the largest economic downturns in history, and no-code tools have made it possible for many gig economy workers and businesses to not only stay afloat during this unpredictable time, but to thrive.

No-code and the Gig Economy

The number of freelancers in the United States is projected to reach 100 million by 2027, and no-code will be a huge enabler for this trend. It has opened doors for people without technical expertise to try their hand at highly-technical work. Designers now have the opportunity to build products. Developers can cut down their timelines significantly because of how efficiently no-code tools can operate. 

Here are some of the key advantages of no-code tools for freelancers:

  • Streamline processes

No-code tools let you build and ship products much faster than traditional coding methods. This means timelines can be much shorter, and your turnaround time, faster than ever!

  • Build beautiful products

Many no-code tools have templates for apps, websites, and more. You can use these templates and change the branding, database, and content to fit your clients’ needs.

  • Cost-effective options

Building products using no-code involves just a fraction of the cost – this is good news for clients, but good news for freelancers too. This means that you can reach a wider client base that can accommodate those costs.

The Opportunity for App Development Using No-code

In 2021 alone, mobile apps got over 230 billion downloads in total – and that demand is steadily increasing. But the number of developers isn’t increasing at the same rate, since the skill of coding takes significant time and effort to master.

Less than 1% of the world’s working population are software developers. No-code tools are on a mission to disperse the power of software development into the hands of the other 99%.

In a survey conducted by Adalo, no-code experts (founders and CEOs) predict that by the end of 2022 no-code will be as common as making a Powerpoint is now. So what if you could build an app for your clients as easily as you’d make a Powerpoint? What kind of opportunities would that unlock?

How Do I Become a Freelance No-Code Developer?

No-code application development has been a game-changer for businesses of all scales, and apps developed using no-code tools have a huge advantage over traditional coded applications. The two reasons for this are – you guessed it – time and money!

No-code app building tools like Adalo have drag-and-drop expert-designed components so that you’re in complete control of the design. With one click you can launch a truly native version of your app on the app stores for both iOS and Android.

If you’d like to become a freelance no-code app developer, here’s how you can get started:

List Out Types of Services

Choosing the right type of service will help clients to easily find you in the Fiverr Marketplace. Try searching the “Mobile Apps” category or search other no-code gigs on the platform for inspiration for your own new gig.

Use No-Code Tools to Build A Demo

You can build an app on Adalo in just a few hours (use these templates!) This will help you give your clients a good sense of what you can do, and how the final product may look. 

Choose Appropriate Pricing Based on the Tools You Use

Based on the products you’re building, you can do some research about the costs involved. When you factor this into your client pitches, it will help you price your work appropriately. Each tool has its own costing and the price may vary quite significantly, so make sure you account for it!

Learn About App Building

Apart from knowing how to build an app, you’ll need to learn how to build apps that actually solve problems and have a great user experience. These skills span design, UX research, UI design, picking colors, fonts, and icons, and more! The Adalo App Academy has some great FREE resources to get you started – learn from founders and experts about how to build and launch a successful mobile app, all without coding!

Publish your new Gig  

Offer your new skills on the Fiverr Marketplace! Help others to create their mobile apps and get paid to do so. Publish your new gig and get started with building some apps! 

Get Started!

Get exploring no-code tools and begin building apps – that’s the best way to begin your app development journey. There’s no substitute for getting your hands dirty in the world of no-code.

“What we see among freelancers & agencies especially is that they're able to sell the same value. Which means that they're usually charging the same exact price as the same agency if they have a dev in house or not, because they're providing the same value to the customer. Customers no longer care how it was created.”

Vlad Magdalin

Visit Adalo to know more!

Check out the Adalo App Academy to learn how to build an app!

Sonia Rebecca Menezes
Sonia is an accidental tech-enthusiast who writes about all things no-code, app building, and more. She writes content for Adalo and lives in Goa, India.
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