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Avoiding Late Deliveries

Adam Aviv
April 21, 2015
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Delivering Gigs on time is one of the most important parts of building and maintaining a successful Fiverr business.  Learning more about what late deliveries are, how they are calculated, and how to avoid them will help you maintain success on Fiverr.

What is a Late Delivery?

When an order is marked as Late, the seller missed the expected duration time to deliver. If 24 hours pass since the order is marked as Late, a seller is given a negative rating. The Late Deliveries indicator calculates the amount of late deliveries from all completed orders over the last 60 days.

Since Late Deliveries can bring down your ratings and result in unhappy buyers, sellers should make every effort to avoid them!

Here are Some Tips to Avoid Late Deliveries:

  • Extending Your Gig Delivery Time: If you often find yourself struggling to deliver your Gig on time, or if you have delivered a Gig late more than once, you should try giving yourself more time to complete a Gig. Extend your delivery time by a day to give yourself enough time to work on and deliver your Gigs.
  • Too busy? Go on vacation mode or pause the Gig: When your queue is already full of orders, set your profile on vacation mode for the day or pause the Gig to give yourself breathing room to finish up the orders you already have.
  • Need more info to get started?: Respond fast to buyers when they are missing requirements. This is really important on Extra Fast orders since there is a short window of time for you to create the Gig.

Even when you have given yourself adequate time to work on a Gig, sometimes obstacles happen that might cause delays.  Here are some suggestions for how sellers can still provide top-notch customer service even when unexpected delays occur:

  • If you’re experiencing technical trouble… Maybe a bad internet connection is slowing you down, or perhaps the equipment you need to complete your Gig is not working. As soon as you suspect that you might not be able to deliver the Gig on time, now is the time to alert your buyer. Being proactive and quickly addressing the issue will increase the chance of a smooth resolution.
  • If you are sick… Sorry you aren’t feeling well!  Before you get back in bed to rest, take a short moment to inform any buyers in your queue about any time off that you need to take. Sending a straightforward email to them about when you’ll be back online is a good idea. And, be sure to go on Vacation Mode so that you don’t get any new orders while you are offline.

In Conclusion, Good Communication Is a Life Saver

Good seller-buyer relationships are based on honest and effective communication that promotes accountability. By doing something as basic as sending buyers a quick email to update them about the status of their order, you will put their minds at ease.

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Adam Aviv
Product Manager in the Seller Experience Team and Payments Team. Working at Fiverr since 2014, Adam leads production groups that build and improve Fiverr, to make selling and buying easy and enjoyable.
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