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Anatomy of a Fiverr Pro [Infographic]

Nicolo Grossi
June 6, 2018
anatomy of a fiverr pro seller infographic||Anatomy of a Fiverr Pro seller

Have you got what it takes to become a Fiverr Pro seller? Our Fiverr Pros are the best in their fields, and benefit from enhanced profiles and more lucrative gigs. So, what gives our Pros that entrepreneurial edge? We've done some research to find out what makes them tick. We'll take you step by step through their top qualities, so you can discover if you, too, could be a Fiverr Pro.

Check out the infographic for a quick overview of the anatomy of a Fiverr Pro seller, or read on to go beyond the headlines and learn more. As you'll see, our Pros are positive, proactive, and motivated - and that's not all. Let's get started...

anatomy of a fiverr pro seller

(Made by Rotem @ retama Pro seller on Fiverr)

9 Essential Characteristics of a Fiverr Pro Seller

1. Entrepreneurial knowledge and creativity

    If you’re on Fiverr, then you definitely want to control your own business. So it goes without saying a Fiverr Pro seller is an entrepreneur.
    Here’s an interesting fact
    : the human memory holds a quadrillion bytes. Our Pros use that brain power to keep on top of their field, create the right gigs and deliver extraordinary service. For them, Fiverr is not just about gigs but about creating sustainable businesses to fund
    the lifestyle they want.

2. Effective planning skills

    The stats show that businesses that use strategic planning are 12% more productive than those that aren't. That provides the opportunity for 12% more income as well. Fiverr Pros are whizzes at planning and strategizing for their businesses. From deciding on core offerings, to planning related services, and even partnering with other Pros who have complementary offerings,  many Pros plan to become a one-stop shop for clients’ needs.

3. Works smarter for the best results

    Here’s the thing
    : the human brain only operates efficiently for 90-120 minutes at a time. That means most people working an 8 hour day aren’t that productive. Fiverr Pros are different. Since Pros set their own schedules, they can recharge their brains with regular breaks. That means
    they always work efficiently
    and get the best results for their clients. And that’s why Pro sellers have stellar ratings and reviews.

4. Positive, passionate & motivated

    Like most entrepreneurs, Fiverr sellers are motivated, passionate, and positive. All entrepreneurs start with an idea of how to solve a problem and work tirelessly until they do. Ask any entrepreneur from Richard Branson to Mark Cuban and you'll find the same. Fiverr Pro sellers run their businesses with a positive attitude and are motivated by both the client's success and their own.
Ideally, since 80 percent of your life is spent working, you should start your business around something that is a passion of yours (Richard Branson)

5. Proactive customer support attitude

    These days, customer experience is everything. Customers expect service providers to respond quickly and positively to any issue. And they're willing to pay for it too: the research shows that it
    86% of buyers will pay more for a positive customer experience
    .That's one thing Fiverr Pro sellers always deliver. They go above and beyond to ensure their delivery times, order completion rate and response rate are well over par.

6. Expert self-promotion skills

    When you're running your own online business, online networking and self-promotion are a must. Fiverr Pro sellers excel at this using platforms like Quora, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more to promote their services and their gigs. That's another example of working smarter. As our infographic shows, 50% of freelancers can attract work in three days by using
    online networking and social media
    .Here at Fiverr, Quora is one of our top recommendations for promoting your gigs. That's because it's built on providing expert answers to people's questions. Pro sellers can
    use Quora effectively
    to showcase their expertise and attract new clients for their business by doing so.

7. The ultimate doers

    Last year, Fiverr said goodbye to the tired image of stressed-out freelancers drifting through life. Instead, we rebranded them to doers. For us, doers are people who think fast and are ready to take action when necessary, whether that's to solve a client's problem or work on their business.
    Fiverr Pros are the ultimate doers
    : professionals with loads of experience at the top of their game who know how to get stuff done for clients and themselves.

8. Hardworking, disciplined professionals

    When hiring employees, 86% of employers look for a professional attitude. Fiverr buyers do too. That's why our Pro sellers ooze professionalism. They are dedicated, disciplined and work hard to deliver what their clients want and even exceed expectations.

    This professionalism carries through from the first contact with a potential client to taking an order or creating a custom gig, communicating throughout the work period, and delivering on time. And when the client requests changes, Fiverr Pros don't let ego get in the way. Instead they make revisions with a smile to ensure that the client gets what they want.

9. Adaptable and flexible

    The other thing clients look for is adaptability. In fact, 43% of clients think this is a necessary prerequisite for hiring people that they want to work with. For Fiverr Pros, flexibility is part of the professionalism they give to every aspect of their online business. All freelance professionals know that jobs evolve while you're doing them. Clients get new ideas, and specs may change slightly.

    Fiverr Pros adapt easily to those changes, and that's another reason why they're so popular with buyers. As you've seen, being a Fiverr Pro seller is all about dedication. Fiverr Pros are motivated, passionate, entrepreneurs who pride themselves on making their clients happy with excellent service.

What other qualities make Fiverr Pros stand out? What other Pro services would you like to see on Fiverr.  We'd love to have your comments.

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