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A Day in the Life of an Interior Designer: How You Can Work from Anywhere

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September 21, 2022
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Interior design is an exciting, fast-paced career that offers the ideal lifestyle for creative professionals who want to work from anywhere — and on their own terms. Today, we will examine an interior designer’s daily tasks and explain how you can also become an 'Anywhere Worker' in this field.

What Does an Interior Designer Do?

An interior designer transforms any interior space into an aesthetic, functional, safe place to live, work, or play. They are masters at seeing the potential of spaces and creating plans to change various elements of the area to achieve their client’s vision.

They reap the rewards of time freedom since they can choose where and when they work. Some may choose to work in-house with a company, and others may find that being a freelancer is a better fit for their needs. By working out of their home office or on the road, they can do everything they would at a company but simply handle all their invoices, taxes, and customer care responsibilities too.

No project is the same. Some may involve new furniture and a fresh coat of paint, while others may include contractors' help with new flooring and window treatments. But no matter how complicated or straightforward the plan is, the main ideas come from the brilliant mind of an interior designer.  

What Are the Perks of Being an Interior Designer?

There are many perks to being an interior designer, such as time freedom, an exciting career that involves travel, the ability to be creative, and being able to work both at the desk and on your feet. It’s the perfect career for people who never want to be bored, are self-starters, and love to take the helm of dynamic projects.

What Does an Interior Designer's Day Look Like?

A typical day for an interior designer is full of excitement and creative potential. You’ve got a healthy balance of quiet planning time and on-the-go adventure in store. No two days are the same — and that's how interior designers like it.

Visiting with Clients Anywhere and Everywhere

An interior designer spends much of their time doing in-person and virtual consultations. Depending on their location, they may first do a virtual consultation to get a good feel for the client’s needs before everyone commits to the project. This saves time and money for all parties.

Before any work can begin, all parties must be on board with an official design plan. During this phase, an interior designer may recruit the help of other planning and design freelancers to quickly generate 3D plans.

Throughout the project’s phases, interior designers communicate closely with their clients. They will regularly meet, either in person or virtually, to ensure that the client is satisfied. The interior designer is also typically on the premises for all of the project’s phases or the most significant steps of a long-term project.

  • Note: Travel is a big part of being a freelancing interior designer, and it should be accounted for as part of the project’s total expense.

Discovering Design Inspiration

Though interior designers have the talent to achieve your vision, even the greatest minds benefit from new perspectives. In fact, staying on top of recent trends is a vital part of being a great interior designer. When other designers create something incredible, they post it online on sites like Pinterest, which are goldmines of inspiration.

This is why these pros spend a lot of their downtime keeping up with the latest trends in magazines, fashion shows, and online. Not only does this help them stay on top of what is happening, but it also gives them a way to share their ideas with clients. After all, this is how we get all these fantastic design concepts — from farmhouse modern to ultra-contemporary.

Ordering Furniture & Decor

After an official plan is in writing, interior designers order various furniture and decor to achieve their client’s vision. They may also recruit the help of contractors to redesign interiors, paint, knock out walls, rearrange heavy items, and much more. Projects range from minor retouches to major renovations, so what’s necessary to complete them will vary. Throughout the project, the interior designer stays on top of it all — from the shipment times to where the delivery drivers drop off the new sofa.

Freelance Interior Designers at Fiverr

Do you have a natural eye for all things aesthetic? Craving freedom to work from anywhere while doing what you love? Then becoming a Fiverr interior designer may be your next calling. Join our talented team of freelance interior designers today.

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