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6 Times Freelancers Need to Sharpen Their Skills

Fiverr Team
October 18, 2018

You've taken the leap and become a freelancer or an entrepreneur. You know its risks and rewards, you know it's not for everyone. You also know it always pays to keep ahead of the curve, since algorithms, attention spans, and entrepreneurial needs change every day. However, only 1 in 4 freelancers access higher education to gain the skills they need to stay competitive. So we created Learn from Fiverr, an affordable online course platform designed specifically to help doers like you like uplevel your skills and grow your business. benefits of online courses are clear: when you constantly sharpen your skills, you set yourself up for better future earnings, a bigger consumer base, more job options, new contacts, and a more marketable product or service. Master the latest advances and algorithm in Google Analytics, Adobe Photoshop, and Facebook ad targeting without sacrificing the time and money you'd spend on going back to a traditional classroom. Freelancers, here are six times when you need to level up your skills:

When you want to gain a specific skill

Say you want to add Instagram ads to your skill set, or you know that knowing your way around an SEO technical audit would help your resume stand out. E-learning courses let you focus exclusively and with the depth and sophistication, you desire on the exact skill you need. E-learning is also good for refreshing skills you might have once mastered but have since neglected.

When you find yourself falling behind or losing customers

Maybe those skills you've neglected are part of the reason for why you haven't been getting new clients. But maybe you've also failed to pick up something new that everyone else knows. Are your competitors getting ahead because they know something you've managed to miss? Then you can't afford not to take an e-learning course in whatever area(s) you need.

When you want to scale up

You have the perfect product. All you need to do now is figure out how to reach a much larger audience. Simple, right? It's not so complicated with e-learning, which offers courses perfect for solving such problems, like viral marketing or creating a sticky brand identity.

When you want to make (and save) money

You already know that adding certain skills to your resume and website will help you attract and gain new clients. But e-learning also saves you money when you're looking for a cost-effective way to train employees – all you (and they) need is a computer or a mobile phone. Better yet, e-learning gives your employees ongoing access to online resources they can refer to whenever they need. And it works no matter how big your business grows and how many new employees you take on: Each employee will receive the same consistent training.

When you want to switch careers

E-learning allows you to test the waters in any number of areas and try something completely different from what you've been doing, like hand-lettered logos or graphic design. Dip your toes in with e-learning courses before deciding whether to shift careers and determine whether you can go all the way with e-learning or need to pursue a traditional degree.E-learning allows you to choose exactly what you need to learn without wasting your time, draining your savings, or making you radically alter your life or work schedule. Best of all, it also gives you the opportunity to move at your own pace and access online resources even once you've finished.

When you need a competitive edge

Learn from Fiverr is the only e-learning platform that understands—and caters to—your needs as a Fiverr freelancer. Our course offerings are designed to help you level up the skills you need to succeed as a seller. And once you’ve passed a course, you earn a badge certifying your expertise in that category and an improved ranking to boot! Learn more about the benefits of graduating from a Learn from Fiverr course over on the FAQs. What are you waiting for? Start learning more (and earning more) today on Learn from Fiverr. And because we want to help you do more with less, blog readers can enjoy 10% off any course with the promo code LearnInstructor10 until 10/24.Have you taken a Learn from Fiverr course before? When has e-learning been right for you? Tell us in the comments below!

Fiverr Team
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