6 Unique Gift Ideas from Fiverr for the Holidays

Fiverr Team
December 6, 2021
holiday gift ideas

Known as one of the most versatile platforms to benefit businesses and freelancers alike, Fiverr is also rich with creative expression and is an excellent source for gift-giving inspiration. Whether in the form of an educational lesson or a virtual telegram from an entertaining freelancer dressed up as Spiderman,  there are endless ways (quirky or not) to check off your holiday gift list by hiring talented freelancers via Fiverr.

If you're tired of running out of gift ideas year after year, it's time for you to do something different for your "Nice" list this holiday season. Here are Some of Our Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas from Fiverr:

1. Have an Artist Create a Custom Graphic Design

Fiverr certainly has no shortage of skilled artists and graphics designers who are just a click away from creating beautiful artwork. Whether you're looking to gift a canvas print, a custom t-shirt, calendar, coffee mug- you name it! The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to graphic design. You can always add a personal touch to your request and make your holiday gift extra special.

2. Hire a Musician for Guitar Lessons

Know someone who's been wanting to learn how to play the guitar? Guitar lessons are an excellent gift for the budding rockstars out there. Learning how to play a musical instrument can be life-changing and possibly one of the best gifts ever for the right person. From Nashville guitar pros, classical acoustic enthusiasts to bluegrass and rock 'n' roll, musical freelancers are ready to teach their trade to beginners and veteran guitar players alike.

3. Gift a Tarot Card Reading by an Astrologist

With the new year approaching, it's the perfect time to reassess the past, evaluate the present, and look forward to the future. That said, some people like to turn to astrology to anticipate what's to come. For those on your holiday gift list who follow the stars and enjoy mystical vibes, you can hire someone to give a professional tarot card reading, making this a unique holiday gift.

4. Commission an Artist for a Painting

It's just as fun to gift a unique painting as it is to receive one. Art always brings joy, and if you can have a creative artist paint a custom piece for someone special, why not? From traditional portraiture, watercolor landscapes to mixed media and collage art, you're bound to find and hire the perfect freelancer to paint a one-of-a-kind canvas piece for the art lovers on your list.

5. Sign Up a Foodie Friend for Cooking Lessons

For the epicures out there, Fiverr's Cooking Lessons section in the Lifestyle category offers a wide range of culinary lessons for recipes and delectable concoctions from around the world. There's something for everyone from keto diets, vegan recipes, and traditional comfort foods to healthy snacks and drinks! You can get very particular in your search as well.

6. Have a Video Greeting Card Made

A greeting card with a personal message is always a great option to express your gratitude and appreciation to friends and relatives. But, paper is a bit passe. It is 2021, after all. So, why not hire a freelancer to help you create a digital greeting card with a video? Or, create one video to send out to all of your friends! This modern twist on a traditional holiday staple is a fun way to change it up and show someone special how much they mean to you.

Knock Out Your Holiday Shopping this Year with Fiverr

No need to keep asking yourself, "what are good gifts for the holidays?" If you're tired of handing out the same old gifts every year for the winter holidays, it's high time that you switch it up! Fiverr offers a wide selection of talent with thousands of freelancers available who specialize in a ton of different fields and categories. So, get out your list and explore Fiverr's creators to find the perfect holiday gifts.

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