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4 Creative Freelance Services You Wouldn't Think to Offer

Fiverr Team
October 12, 2020

Freelancing has become one of the most desirable options for earning a living today. It allows you the freedom to work for yourself and to shape the career that you want to pursue. Whether you're a web developer, voice actor, or business consultant, it's up to you to decide what specific services to offer. However, pitching the same gigs can get stale and lead to burnout and boredom. If you can relate, it may be time to start thinking about other unique freelancing services to offer.

Think Outside of the Box

Despite what your career objectives are, you most likely have other talents that you could provide as a valuable service. Perhaps there is a skill you've mastered that has helped your career or a hobby you love that you think could be profitable. Here are four creative freelancing services to offer that can be fun and profitable at the same time.

Cooking Lessons

Whether you're a chef, work in the kitchen at a restaurant, or know your way around a cast iron pan at home, you've got skills. Why not share your expertise and insight to food lovers everywhere? People are willing to pay freelancers like you to teach them how to cook, bake, or even decorate cakes.You can also find companies or individuals who want access to a ton of recipes. If you have an arsenal of favorites, set up a gig that offers a set number of recipes and includes an instructional video.Another great way to use your cooking skills and satisfy your foodie tendencies is to offer food bloggers unique content. These services could be highlights about your favorite restaurants, food trucks, or food genre and provide examples.

Personal Stylists

You probably never thought that your love for fashion could generate income. But, if you have a knack for putting together a stellar outfit or have a passion for sustainable clothing brands, you have something valuable to offer that people are willing to source.You can offer services as a personal stylist, personal shopper, image consult, or fashion designer. If you're into blogging, you can collaborate with a fashion blogger in choosing the best outfits from season to season to write about and post.There are even freelancers out there who can help professional modeling agencies and fashion photographers source sustainable, vegan-friendly clothing brands for photoshoots, music videos, and other projects.

Tattoo Design

Designers of all types are finding success with the rising popularity of illustrated graphics. Freelance artists are fortunate to have a vast range of work, but again like creative writers, sometimes paid projects don't always align with passions.If you are a skilled illustrator or designer who has tattoos or enjoys tattoo art, you should consider setting up a gig that reflects this passion. Did you know Fiverr has an entire section dedicated to tattoo design?You could be getting paid to draw tattoos for people!If you are interested in tattoo design, check out what other artists are doing to get their name out there in the world of tattooing.

Creative writing 

Companies are looking for new ways to connect with their audience every day. Visual content is always appealing, but business owners also realize that they can connect on a deeper level using poetry, monologues, stories, and other forms of creative writing.Individuals also may want to hire a creative writer to help them with personal or professional projects. A musician may need help writing a song, or an illustrator may be looking for a writer to help them complete a children's book they're making.If you are passionate about writing and are looking to spice up your freelance work, start moving toward your artistic goals. Set up a new gig that showcases your creative writing skills.

Make Money Doing What You Love with Fiverr

With freelancing, the possibilities are limitless. Don't stick yourself in a labeled box where you are just a "content writer" or "web developer" who loves to cook on the side. Niche lifestyle gigs are trending on Fiverrright now, so find where your talents lie with your passions and use them to edge the competition.By offering unique and creative freelancing services, you get the best of both worlds! Do something you truly enjoy and make some cash along the way. Who knows, it could even lead you to a new career path that focuses on what you love most in life.

Fiverr Team
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