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4 Benefits Of Pursuing A Freelance Career For Parents

Fiverr Team
March 22, 2020

Freelancing provides parents with the flexibility to care for their children and earn money at the same time. If you want to pursue a freelance career, then start by joining Fiverr. In this day and age, both parents need to work to afford basic expenses for their families. However, a 9-to-5 job is difficult for those who have young children that constantly need their care and support. The good news is freelancing gives them the flexibility to have the best of both worlds. Fiverr freelancers get the opportunity to meet clients in the comfort of their own homes. If you’re skeptical about jumping in the bandwagon, here are 4 benefits to pursuing a freelance career for parents.

1. More Time With Family

Freelancing allows parents to work from the comfort of their own home. Of course, this means more time to care and bond with children during their formative years. Unlike parents with full-time careers, freelancers have control over their schedules. They can easily attend sports games and parent-teacher meetings without asking permission from a boss or finding a co-worker that can serve as a substitute. In fact, some parents have found success by writing about parenting on Fiverr.


2. Filter Projects And Clients

One of the best perks to pursuing a freelance career is the ability to choose projects and clients. Establishing a freelance business enables parents to find projects that they are passionate about and choose the clients that they want to collaborate with. There’s no need to deal with bureaucracy and workplace politics. If a parent who worked as a freelance designer ends her relationship with her client,  then they can easily rely on other clients in their pipeline to have a steady income. They also have the freedom to scale their business and opt for higher-paying clients as their business grows.


3. Low Startup Costs

A freelance business has low startup costs. You only need a website and portfolio to showcase your abilities and start attracting clients. Parents with a 9-to-5 job can build their freelance business and apply to photography jobs during their free time. Once their business is stable, they have the option to quit their full-time job. There’s minimal risk involved with making the transition to freelance. In the unlikely event that you fail, you can rest easy because there was a minimal monetary investment in the first place.  


4. Stay Employable

Some women fear to place their careers on hold due to an employment gap. They want to take a break for their kids, but they also want the option to work again to earn for retirement or to help save for the future education of their children. Some may be struggling to get a stable income after having a divorce. Fortunately, freelancing enables parents to be active in their field by creating designs, articles, web pages, and videos. After all, their resume shows a steady stream of achievements.


Become a Fiverr Freelancer

Fiverr empowers parents by making it possible for them to care for their children and work from the convenience of their own home. Do you want to pursue a freelance career? Join Fiverr’s platform to network with hundreds of clients that demand your skills.

Fiverr Team
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