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Music producer with Fiverr

Dan Shalev, aka DANSHA. Is an Israeli-born music producer, composer, sound engineer, and artist. He’s been in the audio recording and production business for more than 10 years. Here’s his story.

The passion for creating computer-based music (or electronic music) has been there since I was a child. My career evolved tremendously once I established one of the most acclaimed studios in Tel-Aviv in 2010. There I collaborated with developed artists from all genres, and also worked with top Israeli acts.

How I Got Started on Fiverr

I’ve been selling on Fiverr for two years now. I offer mixing, mastering and vocal production services, however most of my work comes from Audio Production Gigs. These Gigs vary among simple audio editing tasks to complex sound design jobs. Basically, I help customers to turn their recordings into anything they need.

About 50% of my customers are musicians who record their music, vocals or instrument, by themselves and ask for me to enhance it using audio gear and digital tools from the recording studio. The other half are private businesses, who need someone to deal with their e-book recordings, narrations, phone interviews, video games, apps, radio shows, podcasts or films.

I find working at Fiverr very rewarding since it allows me to hone my skills, grow my network internationally, and earn an income that helps me build my new studio step-by-step by purchasing gear and instruments. It has become an integral part of my career since I’m also a consistent buyer on Fiverr. I’ve learned that this platform is a great resource for musicians to feature in my projects, and the more I use it, the more appealing to use it becomes. It helps me to re-invent myself as a modern producer in an evolving industry.

You can hear more about that on this episode of Fiverrcast:

My Experience as a Seller & Buyer

It’s easy to be cynical about Fiverr, or to be skeptical regarding who you’re working with, where and how they record, what would be the quality of the source, and so on.

But the fact is, and I am a proof of that, that there are musicians-sellers out there on Fiverr, who are extremely talented professional players. Some take themselves very seriously regarding the recording quality and their involvement in the creation. Most of them, from my experience, are committed to the buyer’s musical goals as if it were theirs.

A good example is one of my first experiences on Fiverr – working with a seller called CelloMix. They offer Cello recording on your music. At first, I didn’t even know that I wanted Cello on my track. But their portfolio sounded as if it was taken out of a pro studio and the feedbacks were outstanding. So, I reached out. Honestly, I expected to get 1-2 cello tracks that would compliment my demo, something nice to have but not a must. The result I got amazed me. I received something like 10 beautifully played and arranged Cello tracks including harmonies, transitions and sound effects made by the Cello, the main melody sounded so rich along with other ideas they had provided.

I couldn’t believe that I would get this quality and personal touch using an online platform where some musicians happen to be in. My song had completely changed its direction and now it is based on those Cello arrangements. Since that experience, I became more and more eager to find dedicated creative musicians on Fiverr to feature on my music, replacing my pre-production’s midi instruments with live instruments; combining that human feel they bring with my electronic style of production. All I need to do is log onto Fiverr, and boom! In no time I could hear my vision come true.

The above track was produced for a film project, feat. these Fiverr musician sellers:
Bass by Andre Lyles , Percussion by Nicolas Bonneyrat, Guitars by Michael Wyatt, Cello by Yeoh Jung Chin, Oud by Edward Motter – Vlahakos.

What’s Next?

My new project is pitching songs for Korean artists, in the K-POP industry in Korea. I started this goal two years ago while I was living in Seoul. I’d studied the language as much as a foreigner needs to survive and hooked up with a local recording studio. By the time I left Korea, I had accomplished the production of one song which I also helped write the lyrics for. This experience was so inspiring for me (especially learning a foreign language and implementing it in my art) that I wanted to go further with it.

After I left Seoul, I struggled to find Korean singers-songwriters to collaborate with. Once again, it was another “Fiverr idea” which saved the day. I thought I should reach out to all the Korean translators on Fiverr, asking them if they might know someone fit for the job as a lyricist, or willing to do the job if themselves.

Guess what? Ten of them got back to me saying that they would love to do this job – specifically because it is about music and song-writing. In less than a week, I got three variations of translation on my desk. Once again, thanks to Fiverr I was able to push things forward and revive my project.

Here is a recent track mastered by shrewski:

Now, is there a Korean singer in the crowd who would like to collaborate?

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