How Creative Explainer Videos Can Help Seal the Deal in Real Estate

Help your clients find their dram homes with explainer videos.

As an entrepreneur trying to grow your business, there may be no better marketing tool than an explainer video to help you gain valuable exposure for your company. Explainer videos (which you can easily have made on Fiverr) have boomed in popularity over the last few years, and for real estate agents in particular, because they’re great for illustrating properties, generating leads, and giving an in-depth view of houses.

You can use explainer videos to:

  • Help your online presence stand out. Almost everyone looks for real estate online these days and that means your web presence has to match the demand. Whether you’re offering a virtual tour of homes or explaining why you’re the best agent for the job, use this opportunity to tell your viewers what makes your company so special, and what it is that helps you stand out from the crowd.
  • Clarify what you’re trying to sell. Explainer videos take the guesswork out of explaining a product or service. This is especially true in real estate, where visuals are critical to telling the story. Use your explainer video to show details of your property, while at the same time keeping the video short and to the point, and highlighting only the property’s key features and amenities.
  • Build trust in what you’re offering. Explainer videos help create stronger brand awareness and reliability, setting up a strong and lasting connection with your customers. This connection will be built on your audience knowing what you’re advertising, and on you clearly communicating how you can help them. In your video, try to show your properties exactly how they are, and build confidence in your brand by sharing personalized tips and insights that will hold value for your viewers.

The Path to Real Estate Success

Real estate explainer videos are a unique way to promote your business and give your viewers the chance to get an engaging message across quickly. For inspiration, there are some great examples online of real estate explainer videos, and how they’ve created success for the agents who use them.

While the benefits are clear, the path to explainer video success can be a tricky one, and creating such an important tool is best left to the experts. It requires someone who can tell a story and has the marketing knowledge and animation expertise to do it with impact.

Fiverr’s talented freelance experts can help you affordably manage your entire video creation process, giving you an effective and memorable way to engage with your customers and prove your real estate worth.

Got any tips for how to create a top-notch explainer video? Let us know in the comments below.

Yoav Hornung
Video & Animation Category Manager here at Fiverr. I’m responsible for making the category a professional and up to date service for both - Buyers and Sellers. Formerly Co-Founder & CEO at, video production marketplace that was acquired by Fiverr.
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I like the great pointers that are outlined in this video!


I like the great pointers that are outlined in this article. Explainer video gives the customer a personal feel of the home!