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personal growth

We all want to grow our businesses, but sometimes it’s not always exactly clear what that means. For some people, it’s getting new clients. For others, it means cultivating existing clients and getting more projects. Sometimes it’s stepping up your business’ presence, both online and off. Whatever growth means to you and your business, there are some aspects of entrepreneurship that are universally necessary. This week’s Gig Economy News brings you some of the best tips on how to grow personally and professionally in 2017.

Time to Take The Next Step

Do you feel that you’re ready to take your idea to the next level? Whether that means making a business plan or building your online marketing strategy, here are some strategies that are relevant to a wide range of goals. We’ve collected some of the best tips for scaling up so that you can hit the ground running.

Time to Diversify

If you find yourself itching to take on some new projects, there may be no better time than now to start. While it’s important to stay focused and driven, pursuing some new interests can actually help to keep your brain active and engaged. Growth doesn’t have to happen in a straight line, check out this interview with Sarah Jessica Parker and AOL’s Tim Armstrong to see how growth can be more dynamic than you thought.

Just Get it Done

We are always amazed at the power of our sellers to get things done, whether it’s opening a business, growing a business, or any other entrepreneurial endeavor. To celebrate you and your achievements we’re excited to announce our new “In Doers We Trust” project! Check it out and join the movement!

Grow Your Confidence

As we said in the beginning, sometimes growth isn’t about the number of customers you have or how much you sell. Sometimes it’s about how you grow as a person and how that growth becomes reflected in your business. To start with, growing your confidence can be a great investment of time and energy. Here are a few tips on things that confident people simply don’t do so you can fake it ’til you make it.

What does growth mean to you? Tell us in the comments!

Hannah Curran
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