Gig Economy News: Clear Communication

You don't get what you don't (clearly) ask for.

Communication: it’s an art and a challenge, and for a small business it is a critical component for success. The way you communicate your brand, the way you communicate with your customers, and the way you communicate with other businesses can define your trajectory. Whatever your strengths or weaknesses, this week’s Gig Economy News is a must-read for making sure your messaging hits the right note.

Stay Positive

Getting a negative review can feel terrible, but more than that, it can cause a lot of stress as you may worry about it impacting your reputation, future business and even your SEO rankings – but don’t despair! There is a way to respond to negative reviews and bring it back to a positive and improve your impact on all fronts. Remember, bad reviews happen to everyone sooner or later, it’s how you handle it that makes all the difference.

Are You Content with your Content?

There’s no doubt that content marketing is a great way to spread the word about your business while providing valuable and actionable information to your target audience. However, there is one major pitfall that many entrepreneurs fall into all too often: creating overly-promotional content. This might sound like quite the conundrum, after all, isn’t all marketing promotional? When it’s done right, the answer is not necessarily. Check out how to communicate through content from this Forbes piece.

Outsource Your Communication Skills

Automating communication may seem counterintuitive, after all, personable customer service is of paramount importance right? The truth is that today’s chatbots are capable of providing that same personal touch using cutting-edge AI technology with a plethora of benefits for you as a business owner. Take a look at how chatbots work and how they can help boost your sales.

Communicate Correctly

When it comes to effective communication, one size certainly doesn’t fit all. Your communication materials should be tailored to the needs and concerns of your different target markets. If the LGBT+ community is a market of yours, then this article about the major communication mistakes too many companies still make is required reading.

How will you improve your communication skills this week? Tell us in the comments!

Katherine Penta
Brand and copy expert with over six years of experience developing brand personas, managing content, and writing copy for brands like Neutrogena, Visa, and Adobe.