#WallpaperWednesday: Illustrated Freebies for Fall


Are you yawning over your phone’s basic wallpaper? Sick of your boring desktop? Enter #WallpaperWednesday! A snazzy new series of illustrated goodies, made by our very own Fiverr sellers. The beautiful works of art will be featured—you guessed it—every Wednesday on Fiverr’s Instagram story, inviting followers to “hold ‘n snapshot” their brand new wallpaper. For now, you’re welcome to check out (and download for FREE) the first batch of #MadeOnFiverr wallpapers, just in time for the arrival of fall. 

Simply click the image and download the wallpaper in the new tab!


Connect with the sellers (Left to right): natalliapurplezalitetomaszwoniakows

Connect with the sellers (Left to right): natstorytrippiesteffcraterlakedco

Connect with the sellers (Left to right): brianaarrnatalliapurple, crazylogoz





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Lior Pesso
Lior Pesso is Fiverr's Editorial Content Specialist! With over 8 years of experience in the writing biz, she works out of our sizzling Tel Aviv offices and lives for fun, share-worthy content. Got an awesome idea for Fiverr blog post? Find her on Linkedin!