Introducing Fiverr Business Tools

Collaboration just got easier. Introducing Fiverr Business Tools.

Entrepreneurs are the heart and soul of Fiverr. We’re a platform designed to connect freelancers with serious business buyers like you—and serious business buyers need serious tools. So we’re introducing Fiverr Business Tools, a new and improved set of features intended for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and their teams working on Fiverr.

Getting Set Up

First, we ask doers to tell us a bit about their company and their business goals. You do have to be a registered Fiverr user to be able to join and use the Business Tools.

Exciting Business Tools features include:

Team Management

It’s now easy to add and remove collaborators and relevant team members—whether they are new to Fiverr or already have an account.


Teams can now select a preferred payment method, define limits on monthly card usage, and update invoicing information.

General Overview

Keep track of all of your team’s orders, all in one place—and see who is buying what. 

Already been using Fiverr’s existing team account feature? No worries. We will refund the balance in any the existing team accounts in full by February 22nd.

And this is just the beginning! The new business tools debut today, but stay tuned for more new business tools for collaboration, seller curation, and smarter invoicing.

What are you waiting for? Get started with the new business tools now!

Have questions about the new Fiverr Business Tools? Ask in the comments below and on the Forum.

Fiverr Team
Whether you’re scaling up your small business or building a brand from scratch, we’ve got the resources you need to keep you informed and at the top of your game.
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Hello everyone,
i am new here. Please introduce 🙂

Gina Riley
This looks to be an awesome feature. I am looking forward to utilizing it for my freelancing business (off 5r). I set up my Business Tools a few minutes ago and have a few questions: * I do not have a website yet, (blog site in the works) but could not get past the startup page without it. I just put the name of the site. (Which I bought already, but not up yet – working to hire a seller to help me set it up.) * The billing section isn’t working. I can’t seem to set it up. It… Read more »

Sorry to say, but this is not made for the needs of SMBs. You obviously forgot about the most annoying thing for businesses ordering a lot, which is having 100s of invoices from fiverr. So please, please, please add at least the possibility to get a combined invoice per month or even better to top up the team account again and get 1 invoice for this. It was so awesome with the old team account to get an invoice for the whole deposit.


wanna be a seller


I don’t have a buyer on 5 days😢


mmm ,mmmmmmmm m,,,,,,,,,,