Bring Your Concept to Life with Digital Modeling and Illustration


When pitching to investors and customers, it’s often difficult to describe exactly how a complicated device or hand-crafted object looks and functions. Excited (and proud) entrepreneurs find themselves wanting to personally demonstrate how different pieces fit together, where certain details are hidden, and how a creation fluidly moves. But you’re trying to grow a business, so you cannot always be there in person to demonstrate your product—and even the spiffiest sequence of photographs can fall short of giving potential customers the full picture.

Great news, doers: thanks to advances in tech and talented freelancers, you no longer need to sacrifice detail for digital. Here’s how you can use Fiverr illustration and rendering services to bring your products to life.

Create compelling 3D objects

Allowing a user to view your product in three dimensions has multiple benefits. Firstly, it enables customers to interactively see all angles and aspects of the product to show off all conceivable angles. Secondly, it gives them a sense of the object’s complexity and the fine nature of its construction. This creates a dynamic and exciting aura around the object by putting it on a virtual pedestal.

People always enjoy previewing a product when an element of play has been integrated into the experience – exploring a 3D, video-game-like rendering is far more satisfying (and illuminating) than clicking endlessly through a slideshow. Fiverr Pro 3D designers can imbue a rendered object, such as a piece of pottery or external hard drive, with an animated liveliness.

Create an illustration campaign

Sometimes what makes a product compelling isn’t its overall function, but a particular detail, or a feeling it evokes. A silver heart locket is technically a piece of jewelry, but what draws customers to it is the suggested feeling of unity, love, and affection experienced when it’s given as a gift.

Illustration can unlock these hidden, emotional aspects. For instance, maybe for the butter-smooth cashmere sweaters you’re selling you want to focus less on thread count and stitching, and more on the feelings of comfort and security the sweaters evoke. To represent this, Fiverr Pro illustrators can sketch images of your sweaters with radiating lines of warmth and security emanating from them. Or, two friends hugging, in outline, while wearing the sweaters. A successful ad campaign tapping into this emotional appeal is the National Geographic Kids campaign, which has intentionally messy and crayon-like advertisements that bring the viewer back to a feeling of child-like curiosity and whimsy.

By giving making objects interactive, or highlighting their emotional appeal, illustrators and digital rendering specialists bring consumer goods to life.

How do you think digital renderings and graphic designs can help highlight your online products? Let us know in the comments below!

Hannah Curran
Hannah Curran is Fiverr's Social Media and Content Manager. Originally from Connecticut, she lives in California and works out of our San Francisco office. Have an idea for the Fiverr blog? Connect with her on LinkedIn.