Working On-the-Go as a Freelancer


Yes, I know that COVID-19 may prevent you from leaving your home right now, but hear me out…

At some point in the future, going outside will become normal, and when it does, working on-the-go as a freelancer has some incredible benefits that you should explore. 

In my own experience, doing so creates a sense of freedom. I’m not chained to a desk and looking over my shoulder at someone who validates my work. if I want to have breakfast with a friend or go for a long run by the ocean, I do it. There’s room to expand who I am and what I’m capable of achieving, but with that, I also gain a sense of discipline that makes me more productive and successful as a freelancer. 

Are you nodding your head in agreement? Here’s why working on-the-go as a freelancer is so important:

You Can’t Let Your Home Life Take Over

This may sound impossible right now, but even with COVID-19 looming, you can’t let your home life take over your actual life. 

Pretty soon, you start to neglect certain aspects of your life that you otherwise wouldn’t if you were leaving the house on a regular basis. For instance, you may not change your clothes as much, showers happen several days apart, you only go outside to check the mail…these are all things that happen to me! Plus, when you’re stuck at home non-stop, all you do is work, which then starts to diminish your involvement with personal passions and other projects you want to devote time to. 

So you’d be surprised at how productive you can be by stepping out for a lunch break with a friend or planning a Zoom call while you’re getting your oil changed at the auto shop. You have to blend your freelance work with the momentum and pace of your everyday life, and once you can get comfortable doing that, you’ll start to see the rewards that freelancing has to offer. 

It Gives You Room to Grow Creatively

In my own experience, getting out of the house and working on-the-go gives me room to grow creatively. 

For example, I love performing and I work full-time as an actor and musician in Los Angeles. Now, if I had a full-time job in an office, I wouldn’t be able to leave for auditions or go play shows at different events, right? Well, the same principles apply if I were to stay at home non-stop and flood myself with work. Especially in Los Angles, traffic is terrible and a 5-mile drive can take anywhere from 1-2 hours during the day—this is where working on-the-go makes a huge difference. 

If I know that I have an audition in Hollywood at noon, I can beat the traffic and drive out early to a Starbucks or diner to kill some time beforehand. Plus, while I wait for the audition, I can bring my laptop and knock out a few articles for clients. Altogether, not only am I pursuing my personal dreams, but I’m meeting deadlines and becoming an active participant in the world around me. 

I give myself an opportunity to be creative without having to sacrifice one thing for another. The power of freelancing isn’t because you don’t have to show up to an office—it’s because you have the flexibility to live life on your terms and grow in the direction you choose. Not to mention, you may even find that your freelancer work gets easier and easier as time goes on. 

You Learn How to Work Smarter, Not Harder

And this is, perhaps, the greatest takeaway from working on-the-go as a freelancer—you learn how to work smarter, not harder. 

Whenever I’m locked inside with tons of assignments to finish, I get into the habit of telling myself that I have all day to get things done. However, that mindset only leads to wasted time and working a lot harder (and longer) for less money. On the other hand, when I block out my time into quick work sessions—like two hours before an audition or before a gig at a club—my focus becomes laser-sharp and I knock several assignments in less time. 

The words flow naturally and I commit to myself that I need to get a particular project done before I can go so that I can give my complete attention over to the next task at hand. In the end, I get to do what I love, my work days become a lot shorter, and I make more money in a faster amount of time. 

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Chase Maser
Chase Maser is a full-time freelance writer and content marketer. Aside from meeting deadlines, he writes poetry and fiction, and hosts poetry events throughout Los Angeles, CA.