Celebrate Your Business Results with Graphic Design

Highlight your business wins with a little help from Fiverr graphic designers.

It can often be difficult to make a business’s impact and appeal known in words alone. Long treatises on profit margins, sourcing procedures, and delivery timelines can wash over a dazed reader’s eyes without leaving much that sticks.

This is where great graphic design comes in: Hard-hitting and convincing data can be summed-up in a legible, shareable, and sensible image.

Here are several ways in which graphic design (which you can have done fast on Fiverr), can boil-down your brand message while also increasing your digital reach:

Summarize points in infographics.

Some customers are strong visual learners – long textual explanations are simply lost on them. Regardless of each customer’s preference, employing a specialist to craft a concise infographic with key information can make your point more directly than trying a long-form argument. Say your water bottle company is made out of a more recyclable material than any other water bottle company. Or a high percentage of polled businesses respond favorably to the type of resume design you do. Highlighting key details about why your business matters and how it stands out can put your most convincing aspects on clear display.

Make graphics social media friendly and shareable.

Social media platforms have an idiosyncratic way of circulating information, be it text or image. With images, in particular, poorly conceived or unintelligible graphics can go unnoticed on your Facebook wall or Twitter timeline, earning zero likes. Hiring a graphic designer well-versed in online media can help you craft a business graphic that will catch people’s eyes. From digital flyers to Facebook ads, you want something that gets your information seen by your target audience.

Highlight your business’s specialty in a logo.

Crafting a business logo is a subtle art. The maxim “less is more” is never more apt than when creating a graphic brand – overloaded imagery will only make your business appear cluttered, disorganized, and unsure of itself. However, one elemental aspect of a logo is the ability to suggest what it is your business does. One version of the FedEx logo, for instance, holds a forward-facing arrow, indicating the speed and reliability of its service. You can also indicate your potential audience. The bouncing letters of the ToysRUs logo show who it is ultimately geared toward: children. With the help of a skilled online logo designer, you can make your business more desirable to customers.

How do you think graphic design can enhance a business’s appeal? Start looking for social media experts and illustrators on Fiverr.

Matt Jensen
Growing and engaging communities for 10 years, I engage Fiverr's digital communities. Helping both sellers and buyers colaborate and share ideas with each other.
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Anthony Mitchell

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