Super Seller Newbold3d: A Career is Born


Tom, known on Fiverr® as Newbold3d, is a passionate graphic designer living in Nottingham, UK. Working full-time on Fiverr now, he’s also passionate about gaming, fitness and, most of all, his long-time girlfriend!

Tom has made over $100,000 on Fiverr, which is a great reason to congratulate him on becoming our latest Super Seller! Here he is to share his story.

Tom’s Fiverr Journey

In 2011, I had just moved back home after three years away at the University of Bradford, where I studied 3D animation. I’d landed a part-time contract as a 3D texture artist but I also looked at various online marketplaces to see where I could make a bit of extra cash while waiting to see if the contract would become full-time.

I found Fiverr, and it took me under five minutes to set up my account, write a Gig® description, and design an eye-catching Gig thumbnail. Within the first day, I had my first online client, and over the next couple of months I added a few more Gig offerings.

Tom with his longtime girlfriend

I started receiving more and more orders as the weeks went by, and I was loving it! After four months, the project I was working on as a 3D texture artist received full funding and I was offered a full-time contract. This was the job I’d spent the last three years at university studying for. But the job would have meant moving away and leaving my friends and family again.

I loved being back in my home town, and I really saw potential in the graphic design business I had started to build. Fiverr made it a lot easier for me to turn down the full-time contract and take the risk to be self-employed!

When I started, I never imagined I would sell as much as I have, and now with Gig extras and Express Delivery, I’m able to make much more than $5 from a Gig. In fact, I’ve now earned over $100,000 on Fiverr, and my business is still growing day by day.

I also now sell exclusively on Fiverr, and I tell any offline clients to purchase from me through Fiverr because the “ToDo” list just makes everything so organized.

Another great thing about Fiverr is that I don’t have to do any promotion. I get to concentrate on the thing I enjoy most, graphic design! Because I’m not spending time and money on marketing and have no slow periods waiting for new projects to come in, I’m able to offer the design work at a much lower price than you would find elsewhere on the Internet. It’s a great deal for me and my clients!

Advice for Newcomers

At every opportunity, try to make a personal connection with your buyers. Write an “About” section on your Fiverr profile so people know a little more about yourself. People love buying from other people, so make sure to include a picture of yourself.

Also, make sure you stand out with an eye catching Gig thumbnail and a well-written description. If you’re not good with graphics, you can have another Fiverr seller create an image for you.

The ultimate advice is to create a Gig video of yourself presenting the service. But make sure the video has good audio and video quality and is well written. Good lighting, an external mic and a smartphone is a great start. When I created my first Gig video, I realized I’d need the help of a professional copywriter. I used another UK-based Fiverr seller, Erapport. It took only a few days and vastly improved upon what I had done.

The Impact of Fiverr

Tom at the UK event

Fiverr has had such a huge impact on my life! It completely changed my career path, and I put 110 percent into everything I do because I know it’s for my own business. Fiverr gives me the freedom I wouldn’t have had if I had a boss.

It also pays the bills and lets me regularly go out with friends and go on nice holidays. I’ve invested in a Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro, which allows me to work wherever I choose.

A lot of my Fiverr income is also being saved for a down payment for my first house! Finally, through Fiverr, I’ve met friends that I now communicate with daily on the Forum, and recently, Fiverr gave me the opportunity to meet these people in person at the Fiverr UK event.

It was amazing! The Fiverr community is great, and everyone is always pushing each other to improve their Fiverr businesses with new ideas.

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