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How Freelancers Can Build Their Reputation & Attract More Clients

Fiverr Team
September 3, 2019

Meta Description: Freelance writers need to build their reputation to attract more clients. However, building a personal brand isn't easy so how can they get started?There’s a lot of perks to having a good reputation.For instance, you don’t have to spend so much time finding work because a lot of people will want to work with you. Potential clients might even reach out to you through email or social media if you have a stellar presence.With that in mind, how do you build a positive reputation, anyway? Better yet, how can you create a personal brand that attracts clients? Here’s what you need to know:

1. Look For Interview Opportunities 

You don’t have to be a genius to get interviews from journalists.Platforms like HARO and MyBlogU connect interviewers with potential sources. For example, HARO users can receive emails twice a day from journalists looking for quotes. If you find an opportunity that fits your niche like publishing or advertising industry, all you need to do is respond.Fame doesn’t happen overnight, but as long as you keep acknowledging opportunities, your quotes will eventually make it out into the world. Just remember to track and record the requests where you’ve replied and stay organized so you can showcase anything that goes live.

2. Share a Compelling Story 

Everyone loves a good story.People like influencers and celebrities that have overcome adversity. They love to hear about how people have overcome their struggles and the same works in freelance writing.Jorden Roper has gained fame as a freelance writer because of her compelling story.Before taking the leap, she was a 3-time college dropout. She worked at a job that she hated and often wondered how she would escape. Unfortunately, she got fired and her husband’s contract ended at the same time. The week after, she found out that she had cancer in her leg.With nothing to lose, she took the leap and built a $5,000 per month freelance writing business in four months.Her story has inspired many to take her courses and join the industry. Her popularity also helped her snag big clients. Of course, you may not be facing the same challenges as her, but you can write about your own struggles and triumphs on your own blog or publish posts on LinkedIn to gain a following and show your tenacity.

3. Publish Thought Leadership Posts 

Thought leadership posts from Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fast Company go viral — and for good reason.People want advice from experts and leaders. They want to know how they can be better in terms of their career, networking opportunities, professional relationships and more.Popular publications always look for new writers, so if you’ve got a great idea, then reach out to editors. Lindsay Kolowich from Hubspot has an in-depth guide on how you can get published on HBR, Mashable and The New York Times.

4. Aim to Help 

Your goal shouldn’t be to write for fame. Instead, aim to provide help and make an impact.Research problems of people in your industry throughFiverr forums, meetups, or blogs where they congregate. Afterwards, write about solutions, offer advice and useful tips.This lets potential clients and followers know that you’re a writer that offers results and solutions. Eventually, some readers could even turn into paying clients.

Build Your Brand 

Clients are attracted to freelancers that can help provide value and solutions in their industry.To get ahead, market yourself as an expert. Get published in popular publications, share your story and look for interview opportunities. If you want to gain credibility, the information you share must be helpful to your audience.

Fiverr Team
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