The Most Ridiculously Valuable Gigs To Buy on Fiverr

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Fiverr’s promise for exceptional value is in our name. Fiverr doers continue to surprise with terrific values on services ranging from the everyday to the unusual. You can buy everything from a dynamic business logo to a creative pitch for a TV commercial at amazing prices. If taking over the world was legal, you could probably find a seller with a cunning master plan for that too.

We’ve gathered some (among many others) of the coolest products and services Fiverr doers offer and compare them to the expensive alternatives. We take no responsibility if your eyes pop uncontrollably.

Discover your family history

From noble surnames like Kumar to the quirky Cox and indomitable Bogdanovic, it’s natural to be both proud and curious about our roots and the ancestors who came before us. Take that extra leap to find out more (sometimes even secrets that your forebears wanted to keep buried!) about your family tree.

The expensive way: Spend a lot of money mailing away a DNA sample for a report that only defines your heritage, not your ancestral line. Then sign up for research services that still require you to do months of legwork on your own while you pay a subscription fee every month.

The Fiverr way: Already an expert in digging up family heritage, Fiverr doer lynellrae and the gig packages she offers will unearth your ancestral history. She offers a variety of services tailored to your budget and your ambition. And for a price comparable to bigger genealogy services, she can trace your family tree in a fraction of the time.

genealogy tree giggenealogy tree giggenealogy tree gig

Get an eye-catching cover for your novel

Despite being told not to all our lives, we all judge books by their covers. That’s because they tell us a lot about the story inside. A professional, eye-catching cover is crucial to marketing a book to the right audience.

The expensive way: Studios specializing in cover design start at $100, minimum. And if you’re not entirely happy with the outcome, you’ll pay more for revisions or a fresh design. Plus you may have to wait weeks to see a proof.

The Fiverr way: No one will misjudge your cover or your financial savvy when you order a design from germancreative. She delivers on her name’s promise with inventive, spellbinding cover designs for your book or ebook at less than a quarter of the price of the big studios. And that price includes commercial rights. She will also deliver in mere days (rather than weeks) and offers unlimited revisions to make sure that your book is presented exactly as you imagine it.

ebook cover gigebook cover gigebook cover gig

Source a memorable jingle for your ad

A short, snappy jingle is still essential in audio or video advertising. People will hum a great jingle for days without realizing it. People may complain about “earworms” but they’re powerful because they work. Secretly, everybody loves a catchy tune.

The expensive way: Many jingle writers charge by the hour – not by how long the jingle is, but how long it takes to compose and record the jingle. A 30-second jingle can cost well over $100, and you may need to pay a lyricist as well as a composer. If the creator has to go into a sound studio, you may also be paying for the studio time, the audio engineer, and musicians. If that happens, the price of your jingle will soar.

The Fiverr way: Get professional results without the hassle with customdrumloops. This triple-threat musician will compose the jingle, write lyrics, and record it in high quality, all for only $10. And he delivers in just one week. You can even purchase the copyright, add full-band sound, and turn the jingle into a video for less money that the jingle by itself would cost elsewhere.

jingle gigjingle gigjingle gig

Become fluent in another language

Connect with more potential customers and business partners by branching out beyond your mother tongue. Learning new languages opens doors, and lets you listen as well as spreading your own message.

The expensive way: Hire a translator, which costs you big money each time you use them. Or take a language class – probably with dozens of other people, and risk learning only basic and common phrases. Or buy language software that can’t adapt to your needs the way a live tutor can and can’t coach your pronunciation.

The Fiverr way: Turn to a capable, hands-on language tutor like dmitryalehin. He provides personalized, one-on-one language sessions over Skype. Learn the phrases you really need and receive live guidance on your pronunciation. You can even record your sessions to listen to later as often as needed. And you don’t have to endure being in a classroom full of painful mispronunciation.

language giglanguage giglanguage gig

What’s the biggest and best value you’ve found on Fiverr? How much did you save in time and money? Share your experience with us in the comments.

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