Meet the Learn from Fiverr Instructors: Kelly Murphy

Meet Kelly Murphy: Director of Search & Data Strategy at Publicis, SEO pro, and Learn from Fiverr instructor.

For many entrepreneurs, SEO stands for “Sounds Extremely Onerous.” But search engine optimization is essential for building a global brand or business in the age of Google. So we recruited SEO pro Kelly Murphy to teach a comprehensive SEO-Technical Audit course on Learn from Fiverr to teach freelancers the skills they—and their clients— need to succeed. Read on to learn a bit more about Kelly, what drives her as a doer, and to get a sneak peek at her class curriculum.

Welcome, Kelly! Tell us a little about you: who you are, where you’re from, what you do.

Hi, doers! I’m originally from Bloomsburg, PA, home to one of the biggest fairs on east coast where you can get almost anything deep-fried. I’ve lived in New York for eight years, and I am the Director of Search & Data Strategy at Publicis, a major advertising holding company. I work across Fortune 500 clients in a variety of industries to do a few things: make sure their digital presence is well-optimized and working hard for them, better align their SEO and SEM practices, and leverage search data to provide upfront insights for the overarching business strategy.

What drives you as a doer? Why do you do what you do?

My drive is 100% people and relationships. At its core, marketing—and even SEO—is about people. What I love about SEO is that optimizing a website or other digital property helps connect people to what they’re looking for. If a startup is trying to develop awareness about a product that fulfills a human need, a great SEO strategy will make sure the people with that need find out about that product.

SEO technical audits: who needs them, who who sees it, and what are most people doing wrong?

What made working on my SEO Website Technical Audit course so interesting is that everyone needs to do an audit of their site, from huge corporations to freelancers with portfolio sites themselves, but no one realizes it. It’s like a secret weapon. So I guide students through both the how and the why of technical SEO, from its purpose and value to its execution.

What will freelancers learn in your Learn from Fiverr course? Who should take it?

There are many components to SEO, but technical SEO is the foundation upon which all other tactics are built. In my Learn from Fiverr course, I’ll guide students through the nuts and bolts of technical SEO. We’ll focus on industry tools and how to use them, how to approach a client, and (ultimately) how to fully audit a website. This course is intended for all levels, from beginner digital marketers to website design and front-end development freelanders to seasoned SEO pros who might need a technical refresher. SEO technology changes all the time, so even data professionals—myself included—need to continue our education to stay up-to-date.

Why is access to affordable, online education—and the democratization of creativity—important for freelancers and the future of work?

Creativity often gets a very specific label. When people think of creativity, they often think of the visual–art, crafts, advertising, billboards, film and TV. To me, the democratization of creativity is really about democratizing the definition of creativity. Skills like software engineering, media buying, and ecommerce in fact require a high degree of creative thinking and broad perspective to be well-executed. By expanding the perception of creative skills and education and putting this in the hands of more people, we can work more smartly toward a better world to live in.

Why is continuously upleveling and improving your skill set important for freelancers?

In our tech-focused world, things are changing at a rate we’ve never seen before. From a business perspective, this rate of change requires a level of digital knowledge and diversity that can not only meet clients where they are but be able to act as the thought leader on a variety of business problems their company has. Companies are looking less and less to plug-and-play services and more to partnerships with consultants who can help them in an end-to-end capacity. Additionally, as AI creates more automation for digital tasks, having a lot of different skills in your arsenal will keep you relevant. I’d think of it less as having to keep up and more as an ongoing personal evolution.

Want to learn more about Kelly? Ask her a question in the comments below, and check out her SEO: Technical Audit course on Learn from Fiverr.

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