Video Works Wonders: Fiverr Super Seller Mark74


Meet mark74 (aka Marco). He’s a C# programmer from Italy. He joined Fiverr as a seller and got involved in the Fiverr Forum, asking questions and looking for ways to increase traffic to his Gigs and get more sales.

He shares with us what he learned, which helped to make him the Super Seller that he is today.

Get a Video

I’m Italian and my spoken English is not so good, so I was really worried about making my own video. At first, I ordered a Gig to have a video made for me. The seller in the video talked about me and promoted my Gig. I realized that I couldn’t use someone else — it had to be me in the video.

I told the forum members that I was worried about my English and asked them what they thought about it. All the answers I got told me just to do it and not to worry. So I did. It took a few tries, but finally I had it.

Right After Posting the Video, Visits and Orders Increased

After adding a video, not only did I get more visits and orders, but the Fiverr editors featured my Gig. This was really great and helped me to get even more traffic.

Everybody Should Use Video To Market Their Gigs

Don’t worry. Speak naturally, honestly and show buyers who you are, then take your job seriously and you’ll be rewarded.

For me, the best reward is a positive feedback – it’s worth more than money. In my opinion, attitude is important. If you’re positive, polite and work hard to do the job right then you’ll be great.

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