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Branded images leave a lasting impression.

Seeing is believing, and when it comes to marketing there is a reason that visuals are king. Of course, marketing is a multi-dimensional affair, but there’s nothing like eye-catching images – whether still or video – to get someone intrigued and increase the likelihood of them clicking through to your business. This week’s Gig Economy News is about insights into the aesthetics of marketing and how you can incorporate images into your marketing strategy successfully.

Stay On Trend

Trends are tricky, but a crucial thing for anyone managing a marketing plan to be on top of. That’s why we love this easy to digest visual representation of this year’s top design trends from Hubspot. With this level of clarity, it’s easy to explain to a designer what kind of images you want even if you’re not an artist yourself while being sure that your visual message is relevant to today’s audience.

Let’s Make a Movie

There’s no doubt about it, videos are taking over advertising on almost every platform – from email to Instagram. Whether you think videos are out of your reach or you don’t know what kind of video to begin with, our recent post on the 3 videos every business needs will help get your creative juices flowing and overcome your film anxieties.

Analyze Your Images

Any marketing method that you can’t measure is a risky investment, and as Instagram continues to grow as a popular platform for businesses of all kinds, they’ve taken another step forward to helping you gain actionable insights. This post from Impact about how Instagram Insights can help you understand what works and what doesn’t is a great intro to the hows and whys of using Instagram to expand your reach.  

Real-World Visuals

So far we’ve talked about digital images but what about the importance of the visual layout and strategy of your business’ physical space? For brick-and-mortar retailers especially, but not only, the visual layout of your space can have a major impact on customer’s experiences, so it’s worth taking the time to do it right! That’s why we have a post all about how to turn your store into a visually appealing, and enticing place for shoppers.

What is your favorite image-based marketing strategy? Tell us in the comments!

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