Don’t let Remote Work Slow You Down: An Exercise Routine to Stay Fit


It’s true that staying home and keeping yourself healthy should be your priority during this global pandemic. 

The world’s reality has been altered, and people are facing new challenges that they never thought would happen. However, you still have work to do. The work-from-home set-up has become the new “normal” in almost every business, and you need to find ways to be productive every day. For you to be more productive, you know that you have to stay fit and active. In fact, research shows that exercising during a workday leads to a 72% increase in productivity and tasks completed. 

So now that you are limited to the comfort of our own homes, keeping your body fit can be a real challenge. You don’t get to walk and move around as you used to in a spacious office. You spend hours sitting in front of your computer, not knowing that it can eventually lead to back pains and bad posture. That is the main reason why you have to plan an exercise routine to stay fit and improve your productivity for the whole day. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can do at home to maintain your physical health:

Start with a Morning Cardio Exercise or a Yoga Session

It doesn’t matter if you wake up at six in the morning or begin your workday at nine—what matters is that you stay consistent with your schedule. 

To get your body and rhythm going, start with a light cardio exercise to loosen up your muscles and joints. You can jog around the neighborhood for 15-20 minutes, or you can try basic cardio drills like jumping jacks and squat jumps that you can do at home. 

In addition, there’s the refreshing energy that a yoga session can do to your overall well-being. Yoga can improve your body’s flexibility and balance, while also giving you a much-needed boost on your mental health. Being mentally fit is as important as being physically healthy, especially with all the social problems and uncertainties that people are facing right now. 
That said, hop on YouTube and find an exercise routine that works for you!

Get Up and Stretch at Least Once Every Hour

To avoid back pains and keep your body loose, get up from your chair and stretch out once in every hour you put in on your work desk. 

You can walk up and down the stairs to keep your legs active, and then try stretching exercises, like shoulder rolls and arm reaches, to prevent your neck and upper back from tightening. Also, don’t forget to always drink water as poor hydration will result in limited energy and bouts of dizziness throughout your work session. 

End Your Workday with a 20-minute Bodyweight Circuit Routine

Bodyweight circuit training is an all-around exercise routine that will make every muscle group in your body work around the clock. 

Also referred to as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), you will engage in three sets of 6-8 drills that have a 15-second rest period in between exercises. This will give you a cardio training that will also work out your core and lower body. For beginners, a bodyweight workout consisting of squats, planks and walking lunges should be an excellent start.

Stay Fit with Fiverr

The important thing is to keep your body and mind active and stay healthy while spending quality time with your loved ones at home. 

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