Combining Multiples and Gig Extras for More Earning Power

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Congratulations! Top Rated and Level 2 sellers can now combine multiples and Gig® Extras in a single order to earn much more on a single transaction.

This new feature is already activated and is immediately available to buyers.

Please read on to make sure you understand how it works and what you might want to do to prepare for it.

Combining Multiples and Gig Extras

When a buyer orders multiples of your Gig, they will now have the option to order an equal number of Extras in that same transaction.

The maximum number of Extras your buyer can order will be the same as the number of multiples ordered. For example, you offer a Gig for $5 and you offer Extras for it. If a buyer orders six multiples of your Gig, they will see a new drop-down box next to the Extras enabling them to order up to six of each Extra.

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This function will also be available to your buyers in the Extras area of the Gig page.

For active orders, your buyers will still be able to increase the quantity of Gig Extras on the Order page. However, if the original order was not for a multiple, the buyer will not be able to make it a multiple order or add multiple Extras at this time.


Things to Consider

While the combination of multiples and Gig Extra presents you with an exciting opportunity to earn more money faster — you should review the Extras you currently offer and the additional time allocated for each to ensure you can meet your delivery times.

If a buyer orders the maximum quantity of Extras available, your delivery time will remain the same, so make any necessary changes to ensure you’ll have the time you need to comfortably deliver without impacting the quality of your work.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this new feature. As you begin getting orders for multiple Extras, be sure to share your stories in the comments section below, on our forum or via email at

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