4 Unexpected Ways a Freelancer Can Improve Your Game


Creating a game entirely by yourself is a difficult task. 

That’s why many game developers hire freelancers to help them with certain parts of their game. Plus, programming or designing aren’t the only aspects of a game where freelancers can make an impact. 

Here are 4 other areas where freelancers can provide invaluable assistance to your game: 

1. Hire Someone to Name Your Game

Imagine if “Angry Birds” had been called “Flying Birds” instead. It wouldn’t have nearly as much success.

Naming a AAA game is different from naming an indie game. AAA games can have low-risk names (Battlefield V, anyone?) because they have the marketing budget to make up for it.

But the name for an indie game needs to be unique, memorable, and preferably give some hint about the story. That’s not easy to come up with all by yourself. Using Fiverr, you can hire a freelancer to come up with game names or to bounce game ideas back and forth, for a better and more successful final game.

2. How Freelancers Can Improve Your Game Audio

Games are audio-visual experiences, but the audio of a game is all too often an afterthought. Don’t make that mistake and always enhance your game with better sound. 

The Super Mario franchise is an excellent example of great audio. There’s a sound for seemingly everything, from the whoosh of Mario jumping to the chinks of the coins he picks up. It all adds to the unique atmosphere of the Mario universe.

It’s not just gameplay sounds either. Voice-overs done by a professional freelancer can greatly add to a game’s experience. The narrator in Thomas Was Alone, for example, was a key component in how funny and, at times, how sad the game was.

There are many aspects to in-game audio. Using Fiverr, you can find professional voice actors to narrate your game and its characters, as well as hire someone who will compose a custom soundtrack for your game.

3. Find a Freelancer to Rid Your Game of Bugs 

Your game shouldn’t have any bugs. Sudden framerate drops, glitches, or crashes can ruin a player’s experience of your game. That’s why you need to test your game on all the possible devices it can be played on.

If it’s a web app, it needs to be tested on all different browsers. If it’s an iOS and Android mobile game, it needs to be tested on the different versions of iOS and Android. 

This is an almost impossible task to do by yourself. A freelancer can help squash the bugs you’ve missed.

4. Hire a Copywriter to Write Game Scripts and Ad Copy

The work doesn’t stop after you’ve developed your game. The text that you promote your game with is important too. After all, when players see your game in the App Store, you want to capture their attention and never let it go.

It’s not easy to write compelling, clear copy. You need to capture a player’s attention, make them interested in your game, make them want to play it, and have them download your game. There are many professional copywriters on Fiverr who can create such compelling copy for you.

Create a Better Game

Remember, your ultimate goal is to create a better game, and you can use the Fiverr marketplace to find freelancers for any of the areas above. Getting outside help will make your game stand out and will improve the chances of it succeeding in the marketplace.

Matt Clunan
Matt is a Director of Brand Marketing at Fiverr. He has 8+ years of experience in brand and digital marketing, working in technology and sports.