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Gig Economy News: Let’s Do This

January 21, 2017 |

January is flying by, and for most people that means their New Year’s resolutions are either in full swing or have fallen by the wayside. If you’re in the latter group, don’t make excuses, just do it! Ok, we know, … Read More

Behind the Scenes of #InDoersWeTrust

January 12, 2017 | 2

#InDoersWeTrust may sound like a simple phrase, but transforming a no-BS mantra into an international marketing campaign is no small task. The Fiverr team worked with real-life doers such as NY-based agency DCX and Platon, the award-winning photographer behind well-known … Read More

Capturing the Community: An #InDoersWeTrust Photo Shoot

January 10, 2017 | 2

We at Fiverr wanted to celebrate the talented individuals that make the Gig Economy great. So we brought together local Fiverr buyers and sellers for a day-long photo shoot at our NYC office with award-winning photographer Sandro. Meet some of … Read More

In Doers We Trust: From an Ideal to a Movement

January 9, 2017 | 15

In the nearly seven years since Fiverr was launched, we’ve built something special: A community of millions spread across 190 different countries, posting over 10 million Gigs, and buying over 30 million services.

We’ve taken great pride in helping talented … Read More

Gig Economy News: Predictions for 2017

January 7, 2017 | 3

For much of the globe 2016 couldn’t end fast enough, but for those who have a finger on the pulse of the growing Gig Economy, 2016 was a year of innovative trends and major shifts in how digital business is … Read More

Going Next Level: You’re Established, Now Do Even More

January 6, 2017 | 2

Congratulations. You started up, and you lost sleep. You drank more coffee than you thought humanly possible. You kept going. And before you knew it, you scaled up, and you had other people (clients, employees) to talk to in addition … Read More