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Official Fiverr Blog | October 26, 2014

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Gig Economy News

October 20, 2014 | 1

From the practical to the abstract, being an entrepreneur requires a lot of problem solving. This week’s Gig Economy News offers a bit of advice on both fronts. Whether you’re finding that mental blocks or that logistical hurdles are getting … Read More

Put Your Budget To The Shredder: 5 Key Tips to Cut Expenses

October 19, 2014 | 7

Is your budget keeping you awake at night? Trust us, we’ve been there too and it’s not pretty. Whether you’re looking to hack off one percent or one fifth of your budget, these five key strategies will not only cut … Read More

Embarrassing Office Moments We Can All Relate To

October 17, 2014 | 1

When you’re at work, you’re on display. And when all eyes are on you, it’s that much more likely that you’ll say or do something you’re embarrassed of. But don’t sweat it. We’ve all embarrassed ourselves in the office. The … Read More

Provoiceactress and Lsj2767: You’re Fiverr Rising Stars!

October 16, 2014 | 9

Professional services and great value, that’s the hallmark of the buyer experience at Fiverr®. And the beauty of the Fiverr marketplace is that as it continues to grow, there will always be terrific new professionals joining the ranks.

For … Read More

Ways to Be Collaborative in Getting Your Job Done

October 15, 2014 | 5

To get the job done sometimes, you have to learn to master the art of collaboration. Whether it’s a special project that requires collaboration with partners or clients or assembling together a team to work toward the same goal, collaboration … Read More

How to Attract the Right Kind of Twitter Audience

October 14, 2014 |

Twitter is one of the most popular and highly trafficked websites on the entire planet. That fact alone means that you can’t ignore this website when it comes to your social media marketing. Twitter is such a goldmine of untapped … Read More