Give ’em Something To Talk About: Why Voice Overs Work

Voiceovers humanize your brand—and are more affordable than you think!

One of the most compelling aspects of the uber-successful Dos Equis ad campaign is the self-proclaimed “Most Interesting Man on Earth.” And what is most notable about the “Most Interesting Man,” is the smooth, dulcet tones of the actor’s pronunciation.

It’s only natural that consumers pay far closer attention to what sounds like a natural voice, versus an over-processed, obviously commodified “business” voice. Voice Over (one of the many services found on Fiverr’s marketplace) acts on your brand’s behalf to relay its most convincing attributes in the way a close friend would.

Here are six reasons why voice over will help your business convey its message with friendly yet polished magnetism:

1. Customers have been programmed to tune out artificial messages.

It’s almost a truism these days that millennial customers find the overly officious tone of an infomercial to be comical – and existing only to be ridiculed. This presents a central obstacle to advertisers: How can they overcome the mental blocks many, especially younger, customers have to the traditional “ad voice”? One solution is a voice over – having a trained voice actor speak the virtues of your product in a way that is subtly normal.

2. The rhythms of voice acting make it more attractive.

Forgoing stiff and predictable ad voices, a dynamic voice actor makes listeners immediately pay attention. Voice actors can also pinpoint, with vocal flair, a desirable part of a brand’s message. (Check out Fiverr’s range of dramatic Voice Overs.) A build-up of tension can keep customers engaged long enough to expose them to the “pay off” of necessary information.

3. The dominance of YouTube.

The YouTube tutorial has become an increasingly powerful tool, mainly by providing a personalized portal into everyday experiences and humanizing brands. It’s where customers go first to hear about the potential value of a new product or service. And, due to its global impact, it also makes this content accessible across the world. So if a YouTube video or tutorial is your global calling card, you need a spokesperson who represents your brand with a human face and voice that is appealing to your customers.

4. A humanized experience will make customers spend longer on your site.

Websites with an explainer video extend the average stay of visitors from eight seconds to two minutes. So it makes sense to put your time and resources into these videos, as they are likely to entice customers to hang around and learn more about your business. For users with short attention spans, having a compelling voice greet them at your homepage can convince them to stick around and listen up.

5. Information is better retained when read by a trained actor.

Studies show that information sticks in a listener’s brain better when it’s read by a professional, versus an untrained person flatly reading from a script. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you – the entrepreneur but amateur voice over artist – should do the voice overs yourself.

6. An amateur voiceover makes you look unprofessional.

While your ear mightn’t be attuned to it, “regular” voice overs can be unpleasant in ways that you may not realize, such as:

  • Improper breath control
  • Unclear pronunciation of tricky words
  • The inability to strike a friendly tone
  • The white-noise of uncontrolled background noise.

Voice over artists have equipment that prevents the normal, strange mouth noises or mumbling that can interrupt their messages. They produce work that’s much crisper and cleaner. You’ll know a professional voice over by what it isn’t – a strange, wobbly voice telling you unconvincingly about an online business – and you can find the perfect Voice Over service for your brand on Fiverr.

What do you think about the power of a professional voice over? What makes it more warm, immediate and trustworthy than amateur or stiff, business-like voice overs? Tell us in the comments below!

Hannah Curran
Hannah Curran is Fiverr's Social Media and Content Manager. Originally from Connecticut, she lives in California and works out of our San Francisco office. Have an idea for the Fiverr blog? Connect with her on LinkedIn.
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Debra Ball
A great benefit of hiring a voice actor on Fiverr vs through an agency or voice actor website is you have a plethora of personal experience reviews past buyers have shared, which helps you know exactly what you’re in for. It’s a good idea to not only look at the number of stars a seller has, but the details of the review. A lot can be seen as to the impact that voice talent’s work had for the buyer’s project. Be sure that the voiceover artist you’re considering selecting has samples of the style/tone/feel of read you are looking for.… Read more »
Troy W. Hudson
Troy W. Hudson
Hiring a professional voice over artist or voice actor who asks the right questions and then listens to you first and foremost is vital. A good VO artist should want to know who the target audience is and offer a free custom demo if appropriate for the job. They also should be able to smooth out and edit a script if necessary to assist in the most effective delivery of the message. When delivering the files to my clients I always over-deliver (multiple read options and extra takes). Above all customer service sets the pros apart from the wannabes. Kind… Read more »

I like it


Very nice article thank you so much

Sometimes I click the links to see what’s recommended and was surprised to find a Fiverr gig with only 3 reviews from six months ago with a rating well under 4 stars. Sorry Hannah, but it detracts from the value of your article. I would like to know about high quality voice over freelancers and I’d like to see matching success in the Fiverr gigs they offer. The link you provided to Tarnia is probably one that needs to change to her current one. While Tarnia might be a good freelancer according to her other gigs, the link you provide… Read more »