A Video Tutorial is Worth 1000 Words: Selling Beauty Through Example

Find the beauty of video tutorials.

A video tutorial is the go-to guide for people who learn by doing. They’re perfect tools for beauty, health, and style entrepreneurs. After all, easy-to-follow video instructions helped winged eyeliner become a sensation, and they can do the same for micro-blading.

Beauty lovers watch up to 30 hours a week of tutorial videos! Beauty businesses can spread their brand and style far and wide by connecting with people via video. You’ll find all sorts of talented makeup and hair tutorial presenters on Fiverr – so here’s what to look for when hiring one.

1. Quality video

A good camera with high-definition video is important to clearly show crucial details to your customers. Good lighting is even more important, because the best camera in the world can’t overcome harsh shadows or a dark room. The presenter should speak clearly and give instructions at a pace that is easy to follow, and be sure that your brand is mentioned by name at the beginning of the video and the end. Keep on-screen text brisk and easy to read – stick to your brand name, website, and one or two key social media accounts.

2. Focused product

Emphasize your newest or hottest products. Highlight your line of matte lipsticks and false eyelashes, for example, by having your presenter create a specific look. Creative and experienced artists like Janadimi can help you decide on how best to showcase your brand. You can also hire beauty and fashion consultants to work with tutorial presenters for a more complete video guide. Agree on what you will provide in terms of products or reimbursement for what they will use in the video.

3. Your brand’s face

Create a long-lasting relationship with one presenter to develop a face for your brand, like Francesca Neill for Collection Cosmetics. Or choose different presenters for different tutorials. Diversity shows your customers how your products work with different types of skin and hair.

4. Special themes

Switch up your messages with themed tutorials to make a bigger impact. Aim to do one themed tutorial for every four or five you post to keep the viewers guessing and coming back for more. Build themed tutorials around seasonal or life-changing events like holidays, proms, and weddings. Or turn to pop culture and create tutorials around the unique style and look of popular characters. The top-viewed makeup tutorial on YouTube teaches you how to do makeup like Elsa from Disney’s Frozen.

5. Maximum viewership

Begin by uploading the video to YouTube, because 95% of people who watch beauty-related videos get their tutorials there. It’s easy to use and lets you post long videos – as does Facebook, where you can also reach many followers and prospective buyers. Post shorter clips on Instagram and Twitter and don’t neglect your own brand website. And don’t forget to enlist some Fiverr promotional help to drive more viewers to your videos.

Have you ever used a tutorial to showcase your beauty brand? How did it take your customer outreach to the next level? Got a favorite tutorial to show off? Share in the comments below!

Hannah Curran
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