Up-and-Coming Female Entrepreneurs and What You Can Learn From Them


There are 12.3 million women-owned businesses in the US, generating over $1.8 trillion a year. 

By looking at emerging female entrepreneurs who are still “in the trenches,” you can learn what’s working in today’s business environment while getting inspired and motivated for the future. You can also study their journeys and find the common threads that help their businesses succeed.

Here are some up-and-coming female entrepreneurs and what you can learn from them:

Angelica Nwandu

The founder of the entertainment news site The Shade Room, Nwandu built the full-blown media empire from scratch in just six years by leveraging the many technologies and platforms that are available to today’s content publishers at relatively low costs. 

Thanks to the authentic brand voice that resonates with her audience, the ability to hone in on a specific niche (black entrepreneurs,) and her savvy Instagram strategy, Nwandu cultivated a loyal following. The brand is set to surpass 17 million Instagram followers in 2020 while reaching 35 million readers per week.

Thanks to her ability to leverage the right publishing platform and build relationships with her audience, Nwandu was able to capitalize on the cultural shift that’s changing our society.

Katie Echevarria Rosen Kitchens

Kitchens co-founded FabFitFun in 2010, which was one of the first subscription box services when she recognized a market opportunityletting consumers try the cool products she gets from publicists as a long-time lifestyle writer and editor. And she acted on it!

Now with over 1 million customers, FabFitFun doesn’t stop at the subscription box service. The company also offers high-value on-demand wellness videos, daily lifestyle content, and an online community to deliver a customer experience via multiple touchpoints so the brand can build loyalty, retain more customers, and expand its reach. 

Kitchens built a successful venture by tapping into her past experience and leveraging the power of content publishing to stay relevant in the crowded marketplace.

Emily Bernard

Thanks to her passion for traveling and background in foreign policy, Bernard saw an opportunity in today’s experience economyconsumers want unique experiences in exotic locations without the hassle. She founded PlacePass in 2016 to help travelers find and book adventures. 

PlacePass now features more than 200,000 experiences in over 180 countries but its success doesn’t stop at offering packages on its website. It partners with Marriot International and Southwest Airlines to tap into their customer base and reach more travelers. In addition, the company leverages its expertise in running a travel booking site to develop software for travel brands.

Bernard built her success not only on meeting a unique demand in the market but also diversifying her offering to create a sustainable business model.

Lessons From Up-and-Coming Female Entrepreneurs

While it’s not easy to start a business, it’s even harder to sustain the venture and turn a profit. By learning from other successful female entrepreneurs, you can shorten the learning curve and realize your dream.

The women entrepreneurs featured in this article leverage their past experience and expertise to capitalize on an opportunity, consumer trend, or gap in the market. They understand the importance of cultivating long-term relationships with their customers. They also recognize the power of using content and the various distribution platforms to reach their ideal audience, stay relevant, and build a loyal following. Last but not least, they diversify their business models so they’re not only reaching a larger market but also creating different income streams. 

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