The 5 Best Standing Desk For Remote Work


With potentially millions of office workers now working home thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many are embracing the reality of remote work for the first time. That’s left many newly-minted remote workers scrambling to find a comfortable workspace in their home.  At the same time, just about everybody has to stay home and miss out on opportunities to stay in shape such as the gym or rec leagues. One way to stay fit and work more comfortably from home at the same time is to try a standing desk.

Standing desks have grown in popularity over the years thanks to their many purported benefits including boosting productivity, increasing energy levels, and reducing back pain. However, some of the benefits should be taken with a grain of salt. For example, one study found that standing only burned about 8 more calories per hour than sitting. That said, many people swear by them and it doesn’t hurt to give it a try if you are feeling unmotivated to work at home.

If you are trying a standing desk for the first time, just remember to increase your standing time gradually. Alternate between sitting and standing so that you don’t develop leg or foot pain. Your body has to condition itself before you can stand all day. You should also use a comfort mat to keep your feet from getting too tired.

Ready to make a stand? Here are five desks to consider for your new worK from home routine:

1. VariDesk Pro Plus 36″

Price: $395.00

VariDesk is one of the leading makers of a standing desk and the Pro Plus 36″ is their best seller. It can convert any desk or table into a standing desk. A weighted base keeps it firmly positioned on your tabletop while it supports up to two monitors. It features a keyboard deck and the height can be adjusted to 11 different positions.

2. Humanscale QuickStand Eco

Price: $419

Humanscale is a high-end manufacturer of ergonomic office furniture, but its QuickStand Eco is a relatively affordable standing desk with a modern design. This model converts an existing desk or table into a standing work area. You can seamlessly adjust the height of the work surface within a range of more than 18″, without finagling with any knobs or levers thanks to the company’s patented self-locking mechanism.  The laptop version starts at $419, single monitor and dual monitor versions are also available.

3. VIVO Black Height Adjustable 36 inch Stand up Desk Converter

Price: $179.95

If you are looking for a more affordable standing desk model, the Vivo 36″ Stand Up Desk Converter (also available as a 32″ version) is an excellent choice. The spacious surface can accommodate a monitor and laptop together, with a removable keyboard tray.

4. IKEA BEKANT Standing Desk

Price: $399

IKEA lovers rejoice! The BEKANT standing desk can be adjusted between 22 inches and 48 inches with the push of a button using its built-in electric motor. The desk features a durable, melamine surface that is easily kept clean. The desk comes in a couple of different color combinations, including a wood worktop for a little bit extra.

5. Husky Adjustable Height Work Table

Price: $229

If you are looking for a versatile piece of furniture that can pull double duty as a standing desk and a heavy-duty workbench, you can’t do much better than this Husky Adjustable work table. It features a massive 52 inch work surface and two built-in drawers. The tabletop can be adjusted between 26 inches and 42 inches. It also comes with optional casters, so you can easily roll it into your garage when the lockdown is over and you can return to your office to work.

Working Comfortably

A standing desk may not be for everyone, but many people find that such a set up is an invigorating change to their work routine. Whether you are a regular freelancer or working from home temporarily, a stand-up desk might be just what you need to keep you focused and fit during these trying times.

Matthew Clunan
Matt is a Director of Brand Marketing at Fiverr. He has 8+ years of experience in brand and digital marketing, working in technology and sports.