Talkin’ About Our (Lead) Generation

Plant the seeds of audience growth with these lead-generation tips.

If there’s one thing growing startups and small businesses have in common, it’s the need to focus their drive on product creation and distribution to eager customers. While mass marketing through digital advertising can get the word out, on average, fewer than 2% of search ads are clicked. Imagine planting 100 seeds in a garden and only getting two sprouts!

A small business trying to grow requires a bigger boost. You need to be able to create and sustain a base of loyal, profitable customers. Each seed needs to be planted in the right spot with the right amount care.

How can a small business pull a bigger customer base – one that is more likely to remain loyal? By using lead-generation tactics to find the specific groups of people who want or need your product. To save time, enlist the help of Fiverr’s researchers and marketers who have the expertise to target and reach out to top-shelf leads.

There are many ways you can find and communicate with potential leads:


Scout out businesses and individuals to see what they need. Sometimes they’ll tell you on their website exactly what they want to buy, but you can also spot their needs from what the website lacks. Send an introductory email and listen to the response. That conversation will determine if the lead is worth pursuing further. For example, if you’re a contractor, browse workplace photos on other company websites. Send an email to suggest specific projects to make better use of space or to improve the productivity of their environment.

Social Media

Most people and businesses also have accounts on social media like Facebook or LinkedIn. Daily posts or other content updates mean you can find out a bit more about a potential lead before making contact. Listen to what leads say they need, then reach out.


Online discussion forums exist for nearly every hobby and industry you could imagine. These are great sources for finding large groups of people with similar interests. Many of these forums even have Offers and Wanted boards for people to advertise or request services and products. For instance, DeviantArt’s forum is full of requests for logo designers and other work for graphic artists. If you want to post offers for services, hire a Fiverr freelancer who is an established member of the forum. People listen to, and trust, other longtime community contributors.

Custom Web Form

Keep the lead generation close to home by creating a web page on your site specifically for potential leads. Anyone who takes the time to fill out the form is already a good potential lead. Asking just a few specific and easy-to-answer questions on the form separates the, “just browsers,” from the “profitable lead. This type of web page is called a squeeze page, as it attempts to (gently!) “squeeze” valuable information from the user.

Have Fiverr doers helped you home in on your most earnest customers? Did they use methods we didn’t list? Let us know in the comments below!

Hannah Curran
Hannah Curran is Fiverr's Social Media and Content Manager. Originally from Connecticut, she lives in California and works out of our San Francisco office. Have an idea for the Fiverr blog? Connect with her on LinkedIn.
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Love the post but would like to add to the deviantART forum bit. Before posting anything job related (be it offer or advertisement) familiarize yourself with the rules. More specifically the READ BEFORE POSTING Topic along with any other topic pinned to the top and only post in the designated area; in this case Forum>Employment Opportunities. *** The post is filled with some useful information which not many will venture into using the sources mentioned (I’m one of them). For myself, I make light use of social media. I say light because there are times when I’m sharing info about… Read more »

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Thanks, Hannah Curran for bringing an issue which is very important to boost any entrepreneurship, it could be a small business or large-scale. If anyone comes with a startup the only way to success i.e., they should have quality unique targeted people leads. Thx.


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